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10 Unique, Simple and Minimalistic WordPress Blog Themes for 2012

I was on a hunt to search for Unique, Simple and Minimalistic Wordpress Blog themes and it was tough.  Most themes all look the same but there were a few that stood out of the crowd for me.  Factors I weighed were simplicity of the design, ease of navigation, unique layout, extensive backend and flexibility in design, colour flexibility, minimalistic layout, quality of the theme, user comments and feedback, and reputation of the company.

I sifted through all the Wordpress themes I could find and below I listed my top 10 simple, minimalistic and unique Wordpress Blog Themes.


Writer is a unique, simple and minimalistic blog WordPress Theme for 2012.   It has one click auto install, 4 different styles, short codes, and the Fuse framework making unending possibilities of making changes to your website to suit your specific needs.    You can easily add videos, images, tweets, Facebook, and also integrate Flickr .   Writer is almost like a Tumblr website.  Click here for more details about Writer Wordpress Theme.

Wordpress Theme - Writer
Unique, Simple Blog Wordpress Theme - Writer

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Balance is a simple unique WordPress blog Theme for 2012.  This Wordpress Theme automatically adjusts to fit any mobile device and provides intelligent layouts that emphasize email opt-ins to help grow your business or brand. The evenly weighted, minimalist design of the Balance theme gives you the best of form and function.  It is packed full of features and includes 5 color styles, 3 layout options, custom background, custom header, featured images, footer widgets, mobile responsive, threaded comments, Genesis Framework, unlimited theme support, unlimited theme updates, access to theme tutorials, and Search Engine Optimized.  Click here for more features of Balance.

Premium WordPress Theme - Balance
Unique WordPress Theme - Balance

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Standard is a fast, effective, light, simple WordPress Theme for 2012.  It is extremely flexible, SEO optimized, you can create customized menus, add Author Box, Google Anlaytics Integrated, 14 Advertising spots available, localization support, Floating Share buttons, Social networking integrated, page templates with full with or multi columns and tons more features.   Mashable quotes this theme “Recognized in 8 of the Best Premium Wordpress Themes”.  Click here see more features of the Standard Theme.

Simple Unique Blog WordPress Theme - Standard
Simple Unique Blog WordPress Theme - Standard

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RichGRID is a simple, unique, minimalistic WordPress Blog Theme for 2012.  The RichGRID theme recognizes 3 different post types (gallery post, status update, normal post) and displays them differently on the front page.  The RichGRID is based on the RichWP Theme FrameWork, the Point & Click Design Editor lets you customize your design exactly how you want it, no programming skills required.  There is laos One-on-One Customer Support helps you out when you’re stuck.  Click here for more details about RichGRID WordPress Theme.

Simple Unique RichGRID WordPress Theme
Simple Unique RichGRID WordPress Theme

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ThemeMin is a simple, unique, light weight typography focused theme.  It provides fast loading and comfortable reading.  There are no images used in the theme which makes your website load faster.  ThemeMin looks elegant and readable.   There are lots of features available in this theme such as an optional homepage slider, lightbox photo gallery, top bar widget for displaying social media buttons, custom footer text, 4 different colour schemes and more.  Click here to see more features of ThemeMin.

Simple Unique Blog WordPress Theme - ThemeMin
Simple Unique Blog WordPress Theme - ThemeMin

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Grido is a new Tumblr-like theme to join the responsive theme. It is colorful, trendy, and stylish. The theme comes with 9 gradient backgrounds for you to style the post individually. You can choose a color scheme to reflect the mood of the post or select a different color for each post to make your blog look like a wall of sticky notes. The posts are automatically stacked on top of each other.  Click here to see more features of Grido WordPress Theme.

Simple, Unique WordPress Blog Theme - Grido
Simple, Unique WordPress Blog Theme - Grido

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TheStyle is a simple, crisp, modern, minimalistic design that will give your blog that unique visual impact.  With its unique jQuery-enhanced fluid width design, your posts always get displayed in a way that is best suited for your visitor’s resolution.   TheStyle features include smooth tabless, design, advertisement ready, threaded comments, responsive design, 5 unique colour schemes, complete localization, short code collection, page templates and more.  Click here for more features of TheStyle.

Simple, Unique, Minimalistic WordPress Theme - TheStyle
Simple, Unique, Minimalistic WordPress Theme - TheStyle

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Hungarian is a simple, unique, minimalistic WordPress theme for 2012.  Hungarian is designed using some of the newest elements of HTML5 for a better information structure.   This WordPress Theme has a home page sidebar, single posts pages sidebar, portfolio sidebar, easily ad advertisements, social media integrated, WP3 menu support, multiple featured images, featured sliders and more.  Click here for more features of Hungarian.

Simple, Unique, Moderm WordPress Theme - Hungarian
Simple, Unique, Moderm WordPress Theme - Hungarian

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Smpl WordPress theme is a very clean and powerful minimalist WordPress theme. Smpl features a powerful admin panel, giving you control over page layout styles, an integrated ad management system, photo gallery, featured sliders, widgetized sidebars, extra widgets, tons of bonus typography styles, SEO enhancements, and more.  Click here for more features of Smpl WordPress Theme.

Simple, Unique WordPress Theme - Smpl
Simple, Unique WordPress Theme - Smpl

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Momentum is a simple, unique and minimalistic WordPress Theme for 2012.   Whether you want to create a fashion blog, gossip blog, food blog – WordPress is the best solution.  This is the Momentum WordPress Theme that you can use to help create your personal blog and is full of features including a responsive layout, spinning thumbnail posts, gallery, advanced search and more.  Click here for more features of Momentum.

Blog/Journal Momentum Theme
Blog/Journal Momentum Theme

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Thesis is simple, powerful, minimalistic and best WordPress Theme for 2012.  Thesis WordPress Theme is extremely SEO friendly, contains a futureproof customization system that allows you to produce unique designs without having to touch any core code, extremely flexible layout, faster load page times, and used by the best in the industry – including Matt Cutts – Head of the Google Webspam team.  Click here for more details about Thesis.

Wordpress Theme - Thesis
Wordpress Theme - Thesis

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Ok, so I lied. I posted 11 Simple, Unique, Minimalistic WordPress Blog Themes for 2012.  I just couldn’t leave out my favourite WordPress Theme which is Thesis.   If I had to choose 2 themes from the above list of Wordpress Themes, I would choose Thesis and Standard.  I value the simplicity and cleanliness of their designs while maintaining a strong core set of functionality. Amazing SEO, fast load times and maximum flexibility within the theme for ease of customization are also key elements in determining the best WordPress theme to use for my site. If I had to chose only one theme, you know which one I already chose – Thesis.  🙂



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