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Hello! A little about me.

I’m a 30 something girl living in Toronto.  In my past time I go swimming, running, cycling, marathon training, triathlon training, play on an ultimate league, volleyball league and I really want to signup again on a dragon boat team.    I’ve recently travelled to Japan, New York and Paris for their marathons and I think my next big international marathon or triathlon race will be in Australia.  I’m looking forward to that challenge.

I practically grew up using the internet and started creating postcard websites for hellokitty pictures when I was in University.  I uploaded all the pictures manually and created all the HTML code myself.   Getting the CGI codes to run wasn’t without it’s struggles, but I successfully managed this website for many years.   It’s now running on Coppermine.   Throughout those years I also wanted to create other websites but I really didn’t have the technical knowhow to create a complicated website such as an online store with payment features.  Nor did I know how to integrate my websites with MySQL databases.   Until I found out about Content Management Systems.

Wow.  After touching CMS’s 15 years ago, I never looked back.  I have touched a lot of the content management systems such as Mambo, Xoops, Postnuke, Coppermine, Joomla, WordPress, TikiWiki,  Drupal and probably others I can’t remember.  But everything has led me up to this point where I can share my experiences with you.

With these content management systems I found so many different templates and had so many ideas to create so many websites but I just didn’t have enough time.  So I decided to share with you all my findings.  These content management templates can transform your website into anything you desire.    I was so amazed at how you can install many templates and you can change the layout of your site in a click of a button.   You can automatically have an online store with security features, an online photo or video gallery, a classified ads website, coupon website, or even an online knowledge base.  With content management systems, you can create websites in minutes without knowing anything about HTML or code.  Which is why I LOVE CMS so much.

In my posts I try to help you get through the struggles of starting up a Joomla or WordPress website.  I suggest WordPress and Joomla templates to help you create your websites.    I also started up a website called Webhosting Help, which you can find over here.  I know webhosting services are confusing.  I know it was for me when I first started using one to setup my first website.   If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.  I will research and write up a post to help you.   I hope my websites help you and if you have any comments please feel free to express them.

My website is written by me and edited by me.  All opinions expressed are of my own.  If they are guest posted, they will be clearly identified.

You are welcome to purchase advertising spots on my website and I will note them as spots that are sponsored by you. If you want to be a guest poster, feel free to contact me as well!

Thanks for your visit!


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I’m back from Tokyo

Thank you to everyone for being so patient while I’ve been away on vacation to Tokyo.  I tried to respond to as many questions as I could.  Anyways my trip to Tokyo was full of cultural learning experiences.  There was so much food selections.  I went to the fish market twice because the sushi there […]

In Tokyo for the Tokyo Marathon…

Hi Everyone, I’m heading to Japan and Hong Kong for 2 weeks.  If I don’t die in my Tokyo Marathon on Sunday (Feb 27), I’ll see you on the other side when I’m back.    It’s marathon #11!!  Can’t believe I’ve run 11 marathons so far.   I’ll post some pictures of my trip too.  Please wish […]