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Extension appears to be written for an older version of Joomla

Joomla 1.5 Help – Here is another error message you might encounter when installing a Joomla template, Module, Component or Plugin.   If the Joomla  extension is an older version and not compatible with the current version of Joomla it will choke and cough out a message saying:

Your Extension appears to be written for an older version of Joomla!. You must enable the System – Legacy Plugin in the Plugin Manager if you wish to complete this task.

This just means that the extension that you are trying to install was written for an older version of Joomla  ie 1.0.x.    If you really want this extension, use at your own risk because it probably has not been tested with the new version of Joomla and you run the risk of loosing data, instability, security issues,  and probably old design.    So after accessing the risks and you really want to use the template, module or component, you need to activate the Joomla Legacy mode.

How to Activate Joomla 1.5 Legacy Mode :

  1. Login to Joomla Administrator Panel
  2. Click on Extensions, Plugin Manager
  3. Enter in “legacy” in the Filter text box and click Go
  4. Select the checkbox beside “System – Legacy”
  5. Click on “Enable” button

After you enable the Joomla Legacy Plugin you will be able to go back to the Extension install manager and install your legacy Joomla template, module or component.




    1. Elaine

      Hi Jnz,
      No problem. Just take note that these steps are for Joomla 1.5 only. I just added that to the post to make it clear. There is no legacy mode in Joomla 1.6.
      Thanks for your visit,

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