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How to Add Google Rich Snippets to WordPress Website

Google Rich Snippets show ratings in google search results which generate more traffic to your website.  It attaches ratings and key information to your Google search results.  See example below:

You can add Google Rich Snippets to your Wordpress website as well.   I installed a WordPress plugin that made it very easy to incorporate the Google Rich Snippets to my posts.  You do not need to modify theme code and it is very simple.  I installed the “SEO Ultimate” Wordpress plugin.  Here are instructions on how to get it started.

1.  Login to your Wordpress control panel.

2.  Go to ‘Plugins‘, add a new plugin and search for ‘SEO Ultimate‘.  Install and activate the plugin.

3. Go to ‘SEO‘, ‘Modules‘ and disable all except for  ‘Rich Snippet Creator’. Leave this one as enabled.

4.  Go to your ‘Posts‘, and select a review post that you want to add the Google Rich Snippet on.

5.  Under the Post edit box, you will see a section called ‘SEO Settings’.

6.  Set “Rich Snippet Type:” = Review

7.  Set “Star Rating for Reviewed Item:” = whatever star rating you want to apply to this review.  You will have an option from 0 to 5 stars.

8.  Save and update your post.

9.  Go to Google Webmaster Tools and fill out a form to submit a form.  This form is to tell Google that you are interested in participating in their Google Rich Snippets.

There is no gaurantee that your Google Rich Snippet will show up on Google search results.  However this will put you ahead of the curve when Google expands it’s focus for websites that are allowed to have Google Rich Snippets.    You can also test out your website to see how the Google Rich Snippet will display your search result.  The link is from Google Webmaster Tools.  Test it out here.

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