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Add Groupon Widget to your WordPress Site

Groupon is increasingly popular and many people want to add Groupon deals to their own websites.  Groupon has an affiliate program where you can refer people from your website and if the person purchases that Groupon deal withing 72 hours you get $10.   To add a Groupon widget to your website is very easy.  There are many ways including finding a Wordpress widget to add to your Wordpress blog or you can simply add the Groupon referral widget code directly to your Wordpress sidebar.   Here are instructions on how to add Groupon to your sidebar:

1.  Go to Groupon.com

2.  Sign up to join their community.

3.  Get a referral code – it will look something like this :   http://www.groupon.com/r/uu16689362

4.  Go to the Groupon referral widget link at the bottom – Groupon.com/widget

5.  Enter in your referral code number at the bottom and click on “Get Code”.

6.  You will see code that looks like:

<script type=’text/javascript’ src=’http://groupon.com/javascripts/common/widget.js’></script><script type=’text/javascript’>new GRPN.Widget({“referral_code”:”uu16689362″}).render();</script>

7.  Copy your own referral code and go to your WordPress admin backend.

8.  Click on ‘Appearances’, ‘Widgets’.

9.  Drag the ‘Text’ Widget over to one of the sidebars.

10.  Paste the Groupon code into the “Text” widget.

After you save and refresh the site you will see the Groupon widget on the sidebar of your WordPress site.    See, it’s that simple. Now you will start to earn money every time someone purchases a deal from your website.  Happy Grouponing!

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