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Adsense Plugin for WordPress 2012

After updating my Wordpress to the latest version, my Adsense plugin stopped working.  I didn’t even notice they stopped appearing on my Wordpress posts.  I did see a drop in Adsense clicks but it didn’t alert me until the views started dropping.  It’s really hard to find a good Adsense plugin that does exactly what I want.  I found one a while ago that was perfect, but lost it somewhere.  I must have downloaded them all and deactivated almost all except for one.  Now I just use a combination of a WordPress plugin plus adding the Adsense code into the Thesis hooks itself.  Seems like this is the best solution.

Adsense plugins I did NOT like or did NOT work with the latest version of WordPress.  (Apologize to the developers, they are great plugins, just not suitable for me.)

  • Adsense Insert – Version 1.5.7 by Naeem
  • Instant Adsense – Version 3.04 by Danni Ocean
  • Quick Adsense – Version 1.9 by Philip Ze

Adsense Plugin I Like and WORKED with latest version of WordPress:



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