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How to link Posts to a Page in WordPress

Wordpress Tips – How to link posts to a page.

I wanted to link many posts to a page in Wordpress and couldn’t think of a way via categories or tags.  So I searched for a WordPress plugin to help me with the task.  I found the plugin named = ‘Post Page Associator’.  This plugin was exactly what I wanted.

Post Page Associator –  Posts are appended to the bottom of the page you are associating it to.  You need to edit the page and at the very bottom of the page settings, you will see a whole section on what type of posts to show up on the page.  There are so many options, you can select

  • Posts by category
  • Posts by tags
  • Posts by author
  • Individual posts to display
  • Choose to show thumbnails
  • Number of posts
  • Display type of the post
  • and so much more.

So far this plugin is working great.  I see the associated posts at the bottom of my page.   The only thing that I foresee might be a problem for me is if I do a site maintenance or if I have a million pages, I’m not able to see at a glance which pages have posts appended to the bottom of it.   I would have to edit each page to see the settings.

The Page Post Associator plugin is free and very simple to install and setup.



 How to link Posts to a Page in Wordpress


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  1. Andrea Smith

    Do you have any alternative for post-page associator? I don’t seem to find it on WordPress Plugin Section anymore

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