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Basics of Article Parameters

Joomla CMS is great in managing your content in the backend but also very easy to manage how you display your articles to your users.    A part of managing how you display articles to your users is to understand the “Basic Parameters” of any menu in Joomla.

In order for you to display articles to users, you can either display Joomla articles via modules or the better way is through menu items.   Create separate menu items for your Components to have more control over your articles.

In the Joomla Menu Item “Parameters Basic” tab, you change how you display articles on the page.  There are 4 settings –  number of “featured articles”, number of articles to display, number of columns,  and number of text links older articles.

  1. Create menu item for the component, find out how here.
  2. Select any of the menu types that display articles in “Blog” form.
  3. Expand the tab for – “Parameters Basic”.
** # of featured articles
**  # of Articles to display
** # of columns to show
** # of text links to older articles

The only way to fully understand the Joomla Parameters Basic Menu Item is to make some changes to these values. Play around with it and see the change in display of the articles on your page. You should have at least 10 articles in the categories to play around with.

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