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Since Groupon hit the market, coupon site and daily deal sites have become increasingly popular.  Daily Deal and Coupon sites offer great deals to your visitors and generate a lot of traffic because everyone wants to save money.  Especially if you get 50% off dry cleaning, $25 off your favourite diner, or discounts on hotels and flights.  Everyone loves to find a good deal.  There are many WordPress themes that offer Coupon and Daily Deal functionality which will help you build your Groupon like website.  Below is a dynamic list of themes found to create a coupon site or a daily deal website.  Keep checking back for updates.

Cost to Make a Groupon Clone with WordPress Theme – Dealicious

Groupon Clone – Dealicious by Tokokoo

Cost to make your own daily deals website like Groupon.com or LivingSocial will be less than $100.   I’ve listed the cost breakdown below. I recommend to use WordPress because it is the easiest way to create your own website.  Wordpress is easy to install, easy to create new deals, easy to upload images, easy to instantly transform your WordPress blog into a daily deals site just by changing the WordPress Theme.  Using Dealicious WordPress Theme is the best choice to create your online daily deals website.   You can upload unlimited images of the product, see a countdown timer to the deal end date time, regular price, sale price, number of units sold, how much percentage the person will save, a big call to action button to ‘Buy Now’, blog integration, view past deals and more.  This is a great WordPress Theme to create your own Groupon website.  Click here to see more features of Dealicious.

Responsive Groupon Theme – Dealicious

Responsive Groupon Template - Dealicious

Responsive Groupon Template – Dealicious
Features of Groupon Theme – DealiciousFeatures:

  • Responsive Design
  • Product Management
  • Voucher Management
  • Member Login to Manage Purchases
  • Merchant Login to Manage Deals
  • Sales Management
  • See Countdown til deal ends
  • See value, discount, $ saved, # sold
  • Tons of payment gateways
  • See recent, past, current deals

Click here to see more features of Dealicious

Click here to demo Dealicious

Click here to download Dealicious

Download Template

Cost to Build a Deals site with Groupon Clone

1. $56 for Webhosting. To create your own Deals Website, you will first need a domain name. That’s why I recommend Fatcow.com. When you purchase web hosting from Fatcow, you get a free domain name. Along with that you also get unlimited email, disk space, bandwidth, MySQL databases, host unlimited domains and more. Click here to immediately save 40% off at Fatcow.com.

2. $0 for WordPress. WordPress is completely free open source platform. At Fatcow.com they have one click installs and you can literally have WordPress installed in minutes for free.

3. $99 for WordPress Theme. This is a one time fee to purchase Dealicious WordPress Theme from Tokokoo. After you download the theme, it totally belongs to you. There are no subscription fees, no membership fees and no hidden fees.

4. -$175 in Advertising Credits. If you purchase your webhosting from Fatcow.com you get free $175 worth of advertising credits. Fatcow.com understands it’s difficult to advertise your Daily Deals Site and so they give you free advertising credits, this includes $100 for Google Adwords, $50 Facebook ads, and $25 for Yahoo/Bing.

So the total startup cost to create your own Groupon Like Deals Website will be:

  • (Webhosting + WordPress + WordPress Theme) = $155

But if you factor in the free advertising credits you get from Fatcow.com:

  • Startup Cost + Advertising Credits = -$20

So you actually don’t pay anything to startup your Deals Website.

This is a great opportunity for you to use this Groupon Theme to create your deals website.  It is packed full of features and the WP Deals plugin is already integrated into the theme.  The WP Deals plugin has all the essential deal making website such as voucher management, order management, sales management, payment management, product management, customer management, merchant management, restock management and more.  The theme is fully responsive so that means users using their smartphone or tablets can view your site with no problem. The content automatically wraps to fit the screen.  You can demo that by resizing your window when you demo Dealicious.  Overall this is a great WordPress Theme and I highly recommend Dealicious if you want to create a daily deals site like Groupon or Living Social.

Click here for recommended Fatcow Webhosting provider

Click here to see more features of Dealicious

Click here to demo Dealicious

Click here to download Dealicious

Download Template



Daily Deals Clone – Create a Daily Deals Website Like Groupon.com with Wroupon

Daily Deals TemplateWroupon

Wroupon is the first turnkey solution that I’m recommending that doesn’t involve WordPress or Joomla. It’s programmed in PHP with MySQL database backend.  This is a Groupon Template that looks and functions exactly like Groupon and is extremely easy to implement. Included in the package is a complex backend where you can manage and configure your daily deals. You can define multiple cities, specify deal expiration date/times, miminum/maximum purchase requirements, deal timer countdown and much more. See all the features here.

Groupon Template - Confirm City and Email
Groupon Template – Wroupon
Use this Turnkey Solution to create:

  • Groupon Clone
  • Daily Deals Clone
  • LivingSocial Clone
  • Teambuy Clone
  • Dealicious Clone
  • Dealfind Clone
  • Groupon Template
  • Daily Deals Template

Click here to demo Wroupon

Features of this Living Social Clone

  • Authorize.Net, Moneris , Paypal, Visa Payment Gateway
  • QR BarCode added in Groupon clone Coupon
  • Facebook Comment/Like added in Wroupon
  • Users can register their own account using email.
  • Admins can configure and manage deals
  • Partner account can monitor sales in realtime
  • Visitors subscribe to daily deals for their city via email
  • Registered users can refer friends and get rebate/referral bonus if friend purchases deal
  • Users can also check previous deals on website
  • Deal timer countdown
  • See cost, value, discount %, and money saved.
  • Slider of how many people purchased the deal
  • Change cities
  • See other deals in the city
  • Google maps integrated
  • Visitors can leave comments about the deal

Click here to demo Wroupon

Groupon Clone - Wroupon
Groupon Clone – Wroupon

The Daily Deals Clone Backend Control Features:

As an administrator of your Groupon Website, you have access to the backend control panel. Here are some of the features available to you. You can control/view:

  1. The website through an interface, with a secure login
  2. Create multiple admin accounts with different rights / privileges.
  3. Define multiple cities.
  4. Create new coupons for each city or category
  5. Create deals and specify a start date time, ending date time, minimum and maximum purchase requirements, and the key terms and conditions (cost per coupon etc.)
  6. View all members, their contact details, and coupons purchased.
  7. Following fields for each coupon: ID, couponprice (that needs to be paid), original price/value of coupon, description, Pictures/collage, website, location of coupon (address)
  8. Ability to set a min/max number of units that can be sold of one coupon. If the limit is reached before the coupon runs out, the deal closes and no-one can buy it anymore.
  9. When a deal is over or sold out before, it is displayed on the mainpage, but users cannot buy it anymore
  10. Displays only specific information to the expired deal in the prior deal view but each should be clickable to a special prior deals directory displaying the normal page but not allowing the item/offer to be purchased.
  11. Ability to set a minimum number of coupons that need to be sold before the ‘Deal’ becomes available. If members purchase a ‘Deal’ that does not reach the minimum, they are automatically sent an email stating that the ‘Deal’ closed.

Groupon Clone Wroupon Backend
Groupon Clone Wroupon Backend – Edit Deal

Click here to demo Wroupon

Click here to download Wroupon

Click here for recommended Fatcow.com Webhosting.

I will put up a tutorial on how to install Wroupon on Fatcow by next week.



Coupon Template – Product Review Clipper Theme to Create Coupon Website

Coupon Template – Clipper WordPress Theme by Appthemes

Create your own fully functional coupon website easily with no html or PHP knowledge.  Using WordPress and WordPress themes is the best way to build up your own website.  So below I will step you through the basics of the Clipper theme and show you how easy it is to create your own coupon website like Savings.com or Retailmenot.com.    As mentioned earlier, this is a fully functional coupon site, and fully loaded with tons of features.    Click here to see all the features of the Clipper theme.

Premium Coupon Theme Clipper by AppThemes

 Some Features of Clipper Coupon Theme:

  • Scroll Featured Coupons
  • Show success rate
  • Users can submit, manage their own coupons
  • ‘Click to open’ script to copy your affiliate code
  • Social Media integrated
  • Unlimited stores
  • Display popular coupons
  • Scrolling popular stores
  • Thumbs up/down to allow people to indicate if coupon worked
  • Auto expire coupons
  • Upload coupons via csv coupon importer
  • tons more features…

Click here to demo Clipper Coupon Template

Behind the scenes Clipper control panel and how to setup your Clipper website with WordPress:

  1. Install and Activate Clipper Coupon Template.
  2. Configure permalinks
  3. Configure Clipper theme settings
  4. Coupon website email settings
  5. Mass upload coupons from a csv file
  6. View all activate coupons
  7. Coupon creation
  8. Dashboard Coupon statistics

1.  Install and Activate Clipper Coupon Template:   After you install WordPress, login as an Administrator.  Go to Appearances, Themes, Install Themes, Upload, select the Clipper WordPress Theme, and click on ‘Install Now’.  After that, click on ‘Activate’ to get the theme installed on your website.

Clipper Coupon Template - Install
Clipper Coupon Template - Install

2.  Configure permalinks.  The first thing I do after I install WordPress is change the permalinks.  This will convert your post links into SEO friendly links.  Go to Settings, Permalinks, Custom Structure  = /%postname%/

Clipper Coupon Permalinks
Clipper Coupon Permalinks

3.  Configure Clipper theme settings.   Under the Clipper settings you can change the look and feel of your coupon website.   Modify your color scheme, website logo, website favicon, twitter id, facebook, insert your and Google analytics code.  You can also setup your coupon notification options.   You can moderate new coupons that users submit, users require registration, show view counter, enable search stats, exclude pages or posts in the search settings.  Go to Clipper, Settings

Clipper Coupon Settings
Clipper Coupon Settings

4.  Coupon website email settings.  You can set the Clipper theme to send email notification when a new coupon is submitted, or new user registered.  Go to Clipper, Emails

Clipper Coupon Template Email Settings
Clipper Coupon Template Email Settings

5.  Mass upload coupons from a csv file.  You can mass upload coupons via a csv file with the Clipper coupon  import tool.  Go to Clipper, Importer

Clipper Coupon Importer
Clipper Coupon Importer

6.  View all activate coupons.  You can easily view all your coupons on your website.  See coupons, the categories they are assigned to, coupon codes, store name, coupon votes, activated, coupon created by and more.  Go to Coupons, Coupons

Clipper Coupon View all Coupons
Clipper Coupon View all Coupons

7.  Coupon creation.  You can add coupon details, expiration date, store, coupon code, coupon printable link, coupon tags, featured coupon, and more.  Go to Coupons, Add New

Clipper Coupon Template Add New
Clipper Coupon Template Add New

8.  Dashboard Coupon statistics.  You can view total live coupons, total pending coupons,total new coupons added everyday and a graph to show the progress.

Clipper Coupon Dashboard Stats
Clipper Coupon Dashboard Stats


Clipper is a great WordPress theme to create your own coupon website.  You can see from the screenshots above that configuring your website is easy and very intuitive.    Appthemes also provides documentation and full theme support so if you have any questions, they are there to help you.

Click here to demo Clipper Coupon Template

Click here to download Clipper Coupon Template

Click here to see cost to build Coupon website



Coupon Clone Template Comparison Chart

There are many coupon clone scripts that provide you with coupon management solutions.  You can choose from using different content management platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or with PHP build sites.   I believe the top 4 coupon management website templates you should focus on are:

  • Clipper Theme by AppThemes (WordPress)
  • CouponPress Theme by PremiumPress (WordPress)
  • WPCoupon (WordPress)

These are very good coupon templates which makes it harder to pick which one to use.  I’ve listed below features that I would look for when picking a coupon clone script and indicated if the Coupon Template has this feature available.   Please see below:

Coupon Template Comparison Chart:

1. Admin Coupon Maintenance
Ease of Maintenance.
Deleting/adding coupons.
Ability to set coupon expiration date.
Easily add links for a printable coupon.
Bulk add coupons via import file
Ability to add unlimited store pages, coupons, printable coupons
Ability to have unlimited Categories/taxonomies
2. User Community
Allow users to submit coupons
Ability for users to manage their own coupons
Users manage own user profile
Ability to manage expiry dates, coupon codes, and printable coupon links
Option to charge to submit coupons
3. Reporting.
Ability to see which coupons are high performers.
How many times the coupon was viewed.
4. User Experience and Easy Navigation
Allow users to rate the coupon success rate
“Click here to copy” and visit – javascript
Sign up for newsletter
Share on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg
Easy to find and search for coupons
Easily find stores and all their coupons
5. Support
Free theme updates for life
Free support for life
Unlimited installations
6. Template Appearance
Clean template
Template that I would use
7. Template Cost$99$79$200


Above is the coupon code template features breakdown.   Which coupon code script you choose depends on the level of functionality you want for your coupon code website.  If you are looking just to deposit coupons in your website without the hassle of having users sign in, then probably CouponPlazza would be your best choice.  Although you might suffer from a cluttered template and many other features are missing as can  be seen above.

If you are looking to create a clean template, with ease of maintenance and has most features that you need for a coupon code website, I would definitely make a choice between the Clipper Theme or CouponPress.    Personally I like the look of the Clipper theme, it just looks so modern, clean and crisp.

Also you will need to look into purchasing a webhosting account.  Check out Fatcow.com or Dreamhost.com.  These 2 are my recommended webhosting providers.

Hope this post helps you and let me know how it goes!

Groupon Clone – Cost to Build a Groupon Website With WordPress – Daily Deals

Groupon Clone – WordPress Daily Deals by Templatic


How much does it cost to build your own Groupon site? My answer is, it depends. If you want to contract the web development out to someone it could cost anywhere between $10k and $30k.  But using this recommended Groupon Template it will cost you less than $100.  I currently found a new Groupon template to create your Groupon website.  This is a WordPress theme called ‘Daily Deals’.  Check out more details about this theme here.

  • Groupon Clone
  • Daily Deals Clone
  • LivingSocial Clone

Groupn Daily Deal Template
Groupn Daily Deal Template
Features Include:

  • Display deal purchase counter
  • Show deal expiry countdown
  • Multiple cities to add deal of the day
  • Display past deals
  • Display deal display savings in percent and dollars
  • Display deal original price and current price
  • Purchase deal from paypal
  • iPhone and iPad ready

Click here for a demo


Here is a breakdown of expenses that you will need to incur to get your Daily Deals website up and running:

1. $56/year – Webhosting. I recommend fatcow.com because it’s more affordable than the competition, plus it offers free domain name, unlimited email accounts, unlimited disk space, unlimited SQL databases and more. Fatcow.com is having a 40% off sale, so I don’t know how long the $56/year will last. Check out fatcow here.

2. $0 – Install WordPress. WordPressis an open source platform which is totally free. Fatcow.com has fantastico and you can install WordPress easily with clicks of your mouse. Seriously, you don’t need to touch any code.

3. $89.95 WordPress Template. This is a one time fee to purchase the Daily Deals Theme.  After download this theme it totally belongs to you.  There are no membership fees.

4. -$150 Google adwords credits. Most important part of building up your own daily deals business or coupon site is advertising. If you don’t advertise how will people know about your site? If you get your domain hosting from fatcow.com, they also give you a $150 credit to advertise on Google Adwords, Facebook, Yahoo and Bing – $75 for Google, $50 for Facebook and $25 for Yahoo/Bing.

Total cost to create your own Groupon clone site is  (Webhosting + WordPress + WordPress theme ) = $145.95.  If you include the free advertising credits you get, (Startup costs + Advertising Credits) = -4.  This means it will be free to start up a Groupon or Daily Deals website.

Click here for a demo



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