Best Job Board Themes

Companies constantly look for new hires and people are constantly trying to find new jobs.  That’s why it’s great to have a job board or job posting website because these websites will always thrive.   You can use these Templates or WordPress themes to easily create your own job board website like Monster.com or Workopolis.com.  Some of these themes have powerful admin controls where you can allow free or paid job postings.  Job Posters can manage their own job postings and search through submitted resumes.  Job Seekers can submit resume to job postings and also manage their resumes online.  Below is a list of the best job board themes I’ve found.  This list will continue to grow as I find more.  Check back again soon.


Create a Website for a Corporation with WordPress Theme – Business Theme

Business Theme is a professional and elegant WordPress theme to help you create your online presence.  You don’t need to hire a contractor and spend thousands of dollars to create your corporate website because WordPress and WordPress Themes can do the job for you.  Business theme features a clean and corporate design perfect for companies.  It has a scrolling featured slider where you can showcase your best products, photos of your products in the field, and showcase some of the work you’ve done in the past.  Below that you can add a link to your business portfolio, your amazing team members/employees, latest projects your business is working on, contact form for potential clients to reach you, social sharing icons so clients can connect with you via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more.  Most corporation websites have a careers page, and now you can create a page for post all the job openings in your company as well.   Business Theme is also WooCommerce enabled which means you can create an online store to see digital or physical products.  You don’t need any programming knowledge.  Business Theme is completely intuitive with an advanced control panel where you can customize any part of your website easily.  Click here to see more features of Business Theme.

Business Template WordPress Theme - Business Theme

Demo Business Theme WordPress Theme | Download Business Theme WordPress Theme

Responsive WordPress Theme – Business Theme

Business Template WordPress Theme - Business Theme

Business Template WordPress Theme – Business Theme

Business Theme is a fully responsive theme which means your website will mold perfectly into any smarthpone or tablet device.  You can test the responsiveness by checking out the demo.  In the demo, resize the window smaller and larger and you will see the content of your Business site wrap to fit the width of the screen.  That’s what a responsive design should do.  Other features of Business Theme is you can upload videos, display videos on the featured slider, unlimited colour options, unlimited backgrounds, social media integrated, WooCommerce enabled, Google fonts, and more.  Below are more features of Business Theme.


  • Responsive theme layout which support almost every screen resolution
  • Ideal small firms, businesses and corporate website
  • WooCommerce Enabled
  • Install Free WooCommerce to sell physical or digital products
  • Popular WooCommerce plugin integration to sell products
  • Supports Gravity form styling
  • Portfolio with jQuery filter – Support for images and videos
  • Showcase projects, employees, jobs and company beautifully
  • Completely retina optimized theme design
  • Display your team member with stylish rounded image
  • Standard page template ( About, Company profile, Services, History, RSS, Portfolio & Full width)
  • Large featured content slider to show your main product & services
  • Show your latest projects on front page using project panel
  • Contact page – Use gravity form WordPress plugin
  • Organic Themes are cross browser compatible – Works on Firefox, Chrome, Opera & Safari
  • FAQ and History page to give detailed information about yourself
  • Include floating menu bar to link your social networking profile & other contact details
  • Custom shortcodes – Add ready to use buttons, bar rating, columns, alert box, gallery, toggles & headlines
  • Keep updated to your reader using blog page template
  • Customizable typography using Google Fonts
  • HTML5 audio player included
  • Build with using HTML5 and CSS3 coding technology
  • Social sharing services integrated such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more
  • Search Engine Friendly WordPress Theme
  • Option to modify website background
  • Layered PSD (Photoshop) file included in Isabelle this theme package
  • Option to change link and highlight colors with ease
  • All Organic Themes are compatible with latest 3.6+ version of WordPress

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Business Template WordPress Theme - Business Theme

Demo Business Theme WordPress Theme | Download Business Theme WordPress Theme



Cost to make a Job Posting Site with Job Board WordPress Theme – Jobify

Cost to make a job posting site is less than $100 and I’ve listed the cost breakdown below.  Create a job board, job posting site, site like Monster.com or Workopolis simply without any programming knowledge.  Job Board WordPress Theme – Jobify by Astoundify is an amazing new theme that creates a community of employers and prospective employees.   Companies or prospective employers can submit jobs, manage job submissions, enter job details, company details, job type. Job searchers can view job listings with an interactive Google Maps GeoLocator, or through an advanced job filter search and also submit their resumes online through an apply now on the job details page.   Click here for more details about Jobify WordPress Theme.

Download Template

Demo Jobify WordPress Theme | Download Jobify WordPress Theme

Responsive Job Posting Site – Jobify

Responsive Job Board WordPress Theme - Jobify
Responsive Job Board WordPress Theme – Jobify

Jobify allows you to charge a fee for job listings, or you can choose to make them free.  You can easily monitor and approve job listings submissions.  Jobify provides all the poweful features necessary in a Job board website.  Features include responsive mobile friendly design, social media icons, social media integrated, google maps integrated, integrated with WP Job manager plugin, display testimonials, job board stats, sponsors, image slider, easily upload videos, typography, short codes and more.

Cost to Make a Job Board Website

1. $56 for Webhosting. To create your own Job Posting Website, you will first need a domain name. That’s why I recommend Fatcow.com. When you purchase web hosting from Fatcow, you get a free domain name. Along with that you also get unlimited email, disk space, bandwidth, MySQL databases, host unlimited domains and more. Click here to immediately save 40% off at Fatcow.com.

2. $0 for WordPress.  Wordpress is completely free open source platform.  Fatcow has one click installs for WordPress and if you use that to install WordPress, you will have WordPress installed in minutes.  You do not need any programming knowledge.

3. $55 for Wordpress Theme.  This is a one time fee to purchase Jobify by Astoundify.  After you download the theme, it totally belongs to you.  There are no membership fees, no subscription fees and no hidden fees.

4. -$175 in Advertising Credits. If you purchase your webhosting from Fatcow.com you get free $175 worth of advertising credits. Fatcow.com understands it’s difficult to advertise your Job Posting website and so they give you free advertising credits, this includes $100 for Google Adwords, $50 Facebook ads, and $25 for Yahoo/Bing.

So the total total cost to create a Job Board Website will be:

But if you factor in the free advertising credits you get from Fatcow.com:

  • Startup Cost = Total Cost + Advertising Credits = -$64

So you actually don’t pay anything to startup a Job Board Website.

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Download Template

Demo Jobify WordPress Theme | Download Jobify WordPress Theme



Cost to Build a Job Posting Website with WordPress Job Board

Job Posting Template – Job Board by Templatic

Cost to make your own job posting website with WordPress will be less than $100.  I’ve listed the cost breakdown below.  You can easily create your own job posting website like Monster.com or Workopolis.com and have it up in a day or minutes with Templatic because they have one-click installs.  After you install, you instantly have a job board website and you can start adding jobs.  Job Board has a strong backend, you can manage free and paid job postings, Job Seekers will have the ability to submit and manage their resume while Job Providers will have the ability to submit new jobs as well as browse through all submitted resumes.  Click here to see more features of Job Board.

Responsive Job Posting Template – Job Board

Responsive Job Board
Responsive Job Board
Features of Job Board WordPress Theme

  • 1-click auto theme install
  • Responsive Layout
  • Manage Free and Paid Job Postings
  • Call to action ‘Apply Now‘ in Job Posts
  • Google Maps Integrated
  • See all jobs listed in the same company
  • See similar jobs in other companies
  • Job Seekers – submit and manage resume
  • Job Providers – submit new jobs, browse through all submitted resumes
  • Subscription option – paid or free job postings
  • Built-in support for multiple payment gateways, including PayPal, and 2CO
  • Add custom fields to jobs and resume forms
  • Display Featured Companies, Latest Jobs, Latest Resumes

Click here to see more features of Job Board

Click here to demo Job Board

Click here to download Job Board

Download Template

Startup Cost to Make a Website Like Monster.com with Job Board

1.  $56 for Webhosting.   First step to create site like Monster.com or Workopolis.com is to purchase a domain name.  But nowadays you can get the domain name and web hosting together to save some costs.  If you purchase web hosting from Fatcow.com, you get a free domain name, unlimited emails, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases and more.  Right now Fatcow has a 40% off sale, I would take advantage of this now.  Click here for more details about Fatcow.com.

2.  $0 for WordPress.  WordPress is an open source CMS and totally free.  Fatcow has one click installs for WordPress installations.

3.  $65 for WordPress Theme.    This is a one time fee to purchase Job Board from Templatic.  There are no hidden fees or subscriptions fees.

4.  -$175 in Advertising Credits.  Fatcow understands it’s difficult to get your job board website visible and helps you with advertising your website on respective search engines and social networking platforms.  So Fatcow gives you for free $100 in Google Adwords credits, $50 in Facebook Ad credits and $25 in Yahoo/Bing Adcenter credits.

In Total to make your Job Board Website will be:

  • Total cost = Webhosting + WordPress + WordPress Theme = $121

But if you include the free advertising credits you get from Fatcow.com, your initial startup cost will be:

  • Startup cost = Total Cost + Advertising Credits = -$54

Basically you don’t pay any startup costs to create your own Responsive Monster.com Job Posting Website

I think this is a great deal to get your Job posting website started.  This is a great Job Posting template to use if you want to create your own website like Monster.com or Workopolis.com.  It’s fully responsive so if visitors are using an iPhone or tablet the content will automatically adjust to fit the width of the screen.  Adding customized fields anywhere you want is also convenient.  I especially love that the ‘Apply now’ button in Job postings.  Also when I’m applying for a job I can see other jobs listed in the company and easily apply to other jobs that are similar to the one I’m interested in, in other companies.   This is a great Job posting template, you can check out the demo and play around with it.

Click here for the recommended Fatcow Webhosting

Click here to see more features of Job Board

Click here to demo Job Board

Click here to download Job Board

Download Template



Cost to Make a Job Board Website with JobRoller

Job Board Template – Job Roller by Appthemes.com

Creating your own Job Posting website is really easy when you use the Premium WordPress Theme called Job Roller.   This WordPress theme creates your job posting website in minutes and without breaking the bank.  It will cost you about $155 to make a website that looks like monster.com,  website like Workpolis, website like Dice.com or any job board related website.  Job Roller is full of features including allowing free or paid membership for employers to add job postings, employers are able to manage their own job postings, highlight featured jobs, job seekers manage job applications and can upload resume to apply for jobs and so many more features.  See the cost breakdown below of what is involved in creating your own job posting website.  Click here to check out all the features of the Job Roller Theme by AppThemes.com.

Job Board Template – JobRoller

Wordpress Theme Job Roller
WordPress Theme Job Roller
Features of Job Board Template:

  • Job seekers and employers
  • Resume (CV) database
  • Auto-resizing images
  • Color schemes and layouts
  • Multi-language support
  • Apply to job form
  • Customer job management
  • No plugins required
  • Featured jobs
  • Email alerts
  • Job submission wizard

Click here to see more features of JobRoller

Click here to demo JobRoller

Click here to download JobRoller

Cost breakdown to make a Job Board Website:

1.  $56/year for Webhosting. You need to purchase a webhosting account and a domain name to start up your Job posting website.  I recommend using Fatcow.com because fatcow offers webhosting but also includes a free domain name, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited MYSQL databases, unlimited emails, free install of WordPress, 24×7 support and so many more features.  Fatcow.com currently has 40% off promotion so I don’t know how long this price will last.  Click here to take advantage of the fatcow.com discount.

2.  $0 for WordPress. WordPress is completely free open source software.  You can download and play around with WordPress from WordPress.org.

3. $99 for WordPress Theme. This is a one time fee to purchase the Job Roller WordPress Theme.  With purchase of the theme it belongs to you and you do not need to pay any monthly fees.  It includes unlimited licenses to use Job Roller on multiple web sites and lifetime access to the theme upgrades.

4. -$175 in Advertising credits. If you purchase your webhosting from fatcow.com they also give you free advertising credits for free.  This includes $100 in Google Adwords credits, $25 in Yahoo/Bing advertising credits, $50 in Facebook advertising credits, you can get your business listed in the Yellowpages for free at YP.com.

So after adding up all the total costs:

  • Total Cost = (Webhosting + WordPress + WordPress theme) =  $155

If you factor in the free advertising credits you get from fatcow:

  • Startup Cost = Total Cost + Advertising Credits = -$20

You basically don’t pay anything to startup your own Job Board Website.

Did I mention that you don’t need to know any PHP or HTML coding to get your job board site up and running?   WordPress is so easy and simple to use that it will literally take you 10 minutes from the time you download the template to when you can start actually configuring your job board website.  Job Roller is the perfect solution to create a website like Monster or Workoplis because after you install the theme, it is a fully functional job board website.  All you need to do is to start adding jobs, gathering employers to start adding jobs to your website and advertising your website to get job seekers to find jobs on your website.   I highly recommend this WordPress Theme to create your own Job Board Website.

Click here to check out fatcow.com for webhosting

Click here to see more features of Job Roller

Click here to demo Job Roller

Click here to download Job Roller



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