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Best Joomla Extensions

Continuation of  Best Joomla extensions for your Joomla site.  These Components, modules and plugins are Joomla Extensions that I recommend you install on your Joomla website.    By the way, these Joomla Extensions are all free.

6.  Xmap – Getting your website and pages indexed into google search, yahoo search or bing search can take a while.   This component generates XML sitemaps that are compatible with Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Live Search.   You can specify the priority, change frequency for each menu and for every item in your site map.   The cache system creates the sitemap fast which is ideal for large or high traffic Joomla sites.  Click here to download this component.

7.  JComments – This is an essential component for your Joomla site for comment management.  I never really thought about this until my one of my article comments went from 10 to 1000 comments over night.  All of them were spam.   After deleting all the comments, I immediately installed JComments which has Antispam (CAPTCHA) protection.    Jcomments also comes with multilanguage support, Smiles & BBCode, Avatars, RSS feeds and more.   Click here to download this VERY important component.

8.  Googlemaps Plugin – This plugin is not necessarily a necessity, but very cool to have.    If you have ever been looking everywhere for a Joomla map module or plugin, don’t look anywhere else.  The Googlemaps Plugin is very easy to install,  you can easily add a map or directions in any Joomla article.   You can embed multiple google maps within an article and each Google Map can be of different size, zoom level, map control and map type.   The Google Bar displayed provides local search capabilities within Maps API applications, allowing users to search locations for local listings.   For example, users can search for restaurants or for the nearest Starbucks in the area.    Click here to download the plugin.

9.  Phoca Gallery – Joomla is saturated with many different Joomla photo gallery Components.  I tried them all and this one is by far the best one out there.  It’s easy to install and has many modules and plugins that allows to display images and videos.    I’ve installed this gallery on most of my Joomla websites and my clients love what this gallery looks like and what it can do.  Click here to download this component.

10.  FB LikeBox FanPage – Facebook is the way to go to advertise your website.  If you already have a group created in facebook for your website, this Joomla module looks at all the people who joined your group and randomly displays them in a Facebook Fan box on your website.  Users can also join your Facebook fan page automatically from your site.  Click here to download this module.

11.  Community Builder – Now that the world is becoming smaller and smaller, the only way your website is going to survive is to add a community to your website. The community builder is huge.  With more than 180 Extensions supporting it, it has components and modules for user management, newsletters, forums, galleries, ecommerce, user profiles, guestbook features, profile wall, paid subscriptions, donations management, Captch protection and plenty more.  This is a very extensive component, essential if you want to create a social networking community Joomla website.   Click here to download this extension.

12.  Kunena – I stumbled upon Kunena when I wanted to create a forum for a client.   This forum component has an Advanced ACL and an auto blending default template,  multi language capability, new module positions.  The developers listen to your comments and constantly strive to make this component the best for everyone.  It is also Joomla 1.5 and 1.6 ready and backwards compatibile.    This is the component you need if you want a good forum on your website.  Click here to download this extension.

I hope this list helped you find the best Joomla Extensions out there.  There are plenty more great Joomla extensions to look at and developers will probably come out with a lot more.    Please leave a comment if you think I missed some or feel free to leave comments about experiences you had with the Joomla extensions I listed above.

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