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Blank screen after Login to WordPress Admin

Wordpress Help – Help! Blank screen after logging into Wordpress Admin.

First thing, DO NOT PANIC!  Ok Because I panicked.  I thought someone hacked into my website and disabled some settings, or restricted my access.  I was almost tempted to rebuild my site but that would take too much time.  Along with a blank screen after logging into the WordPress admin section, I did other research and found:

  • Ftontend articles were showing normal
  • I could access all posts and comments and there were no errors
  • I was able to access the site via FTP with no problems
  • I was able to access the MySQL database via phpMyAdmin with no problems
  • I checked the login lockdown IP addresses and my IP address was not locked out
  • I checked my webhosting provider and nothing out of the ordinary
I decided to let it sit to see if it would resolve itself overnight.  Unfortunately, when I woke up the next morning, the problem was still there.  I still saw a white screen after logging into my WordPress admin.  But with the help of my webhosting support, I was able to resolve my problem.  Remember to take a backup of everything before you change it.  Here are the steps of what I did to resolve the problem:
  • Find Active Plugins
  • Remove all active plugins
  • Reactivate plugins one by one to see which had an error
  • Delete the plugin that had an error
  • Re-configure other plugins

1.  Find Active Plugins

Wordpress cmsmind phpmyadmin runsql active plugins Blank screen after Login to Wordpress Admin
Wordpress phpMyAdmin Run SQL to edit Active_Plugins
  • Login to your Webhosting Provider
  • Go to your MySQL and login to your phpMyAdmin
  • Click on the SQL tab
  • In the text box : Run SQL query/queries on database, enter the following query:
SELECT * FROM `wp_options` WHERE `option_name` = “active_plugins”
  • Click on GO
  • You will see it return one line that looks like the screenshot above.
  • Note: if it does not return anything, check your table name it will be a name that ends in the word ‘options’

2.  Remove / Deactivate All Active Plugins

wordpress cmsmind phpmyadmin active plugins Blank screen after Login to Wordpress Admin
WordPress- Remove / Deactivate all Active Plugins
  • From step 1, click on the pencil to edit Active_Plugins
  • In the option_value, delete everything.  Should be an empty text box.
  • Click on ‘Go’
3.  Reactivate Plugins Individually Until Find an Error
WordPress Reactivate plugins Blank screen after Login to Wordpress Admin
Wordpress All Plugins are Deactivated
  • Login to your WordPress Admin Panel
  • Click on ‘Plugins’
  • You will see all your plugins deactivated.
  • Go through each plugin one by one and activate it again.
  • I had an error with my plugin “Awesome Google Adsense’ plugin

4.  Deleted the Plugin that had an Error

  • If you get a screen full of errors, again, do not panic.
  • Repeat step 1 and step 2
  • Login to your WordPress Admin, click on “Plugins’
  • Find the Plugin and Delete it.

5.  Re-configure other Plugins

  • After you finish reactivating rest of your plugins
  • Check your site to see if any of the settings changed with you reactivated the plugin
  • Some plugins that I need to re-configure was:
    • Customized Recent Comments
    • Google Adsense
 Blank screen after Login to Wordpress Admin


Elaine is the founder of CmsMind, an online blog providing Joomla and WordPress tutorials. Elaine lives in Toronto and when she is not online, she is either Marathon and Triathlon training or travelling and racing somewhere in the world. Find her also at: Save Money, Premium Themes and Templates, and at Webhosting Tips.

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  1. Scott

    The query in step 1 didn’t work for me. I found the active plugins looking in the options table manually.
    But step 2 worked and I was able to remove the conflict from my site and able to login.

    thanks for the tip!

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