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BuddyPress – How to Enable Registration on your BuddyPress Website

Facebook Clone – How to Allow new users to Register on your BuddyPress Site

I just finished installing BuddyPress on my Wordpress website and first thing I was looking for was how to allow new users to create an account on my BuddyPress site.  I didn’t see any registration links anywhere and was puzzled since this is a multi-user platform and should allow new signups.  I realized that I just needed to enable a feature in the settings and it worked. Below is a screenshot of the BuddyPress New User Registration Form.

BuddyPress New User Registration
BuddyPress New User Registration Form

Steps are below:

1.  Login to your Wordpress administrator account

2.  Along left navigation, Click on ‘Settings’

3.  Under ‘General Settings’, set the following value:

  • Membership = check this box to ‘Anyone can register’

4.  Click on ‘Save Changes’

5.  Refresh your BuddyPress website and at the top left, you should see a ‘Signup’ button now available.



  1. guiding

    Thank you thank you, as Tobias said, this step is PAINFULLY missing from all the instructions and I spent 2 hours yesterday looking for a solution. God bless all internet angles like you….

  2. Fortune

    I already passed this stage, but the problem is that after sign up, user is required to activate their account by clicking on a link in an email that should have been sent to their email, but the particular activation email isn’t being sent to their email, so they can’t have their accounts/profiles activated.
    Any idea on how to resolve this issue?

  3. Tess

    Thanks so much for this fix.

    Do you know how I create a separate login/register page from the homepage?

    I want a link from my homepage to the register page but I created a page called “Register” but am not sure what shortcode to put here to display the page (as in your screenshot) on this page and not the homepage.


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