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Answers Clone – Create a site like Ask.com or Yahoo Answers

Askit by ElegantThemes

This Wordpress template will transform your Wordpress website into a site like ask.com, Yahoo Answers or google answers.  Askit a great community building website to allow your visitors to post questions which are answered by other members.  Visitors can post answers and the community votes on the answers until the best answer is chosen by the person asking the question.  You can build your own question and answer forum easily just by using Wordpress and this crazy template.  I love it already.

Questions & Answers Askit Wordpress template
Wordpress template to Build Website: 

The Askit template Features:

1.  7 different color schemes.

2.  Automatically resizes your thumbnail images.

3.  Advanced e theme admin control panel.

4.  Large collection of shortcodes you can use to create complex layouts and shake your site up a little and add some spice and variety to your website.

5.  Sense of community through member ratings.   Similar to yahoo answers, each member receives a star rating based off their number of correct answers.

6.  There is also a bubble above their thumnail picture to tell you how many “correct” answers they answered.

7.  External member signup and question submission forms which is separate from your WordPress admin dashboard.    Your visitors use this external signup form to manage their posts and profile.  This way you can be sure no one will ever touch the admin features of your site.

Click here to view a demo of Askit by ElegantThemes

Click here to download the Askit by ElegantThemes

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