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How to Create Coupon Site

Update:  I do not recommend using BACS to build your coupon site.  I have removed the links to this product.  I would recommend using Clipper or CouponPress.

Coupon sites are really popular and there are many different solutions you can pursue to create one for yourself.  Joomla and Wordpress are both great options.  After investigating all the possible great tools and themes for a coupon site, I finally created one for my client that was easy to use, maintainable and within a reasonable budget.   Below are a couple options you can look through to create your own coupon site.

1.  BACS – BuildaCouponSite

I must say that when I first saw this template and backend of this coupon site, I said WOW!! This Coupon Template looks exactly like Retailmenot.com.  And if you compare the demo with the Retailmenot.com it is exactly the same.  Even the tags and featured stores.   This does not run off Joomla or Wordpress but it’s own backend.  Definitely worth the money, hey if Retailmenot.com is using it, how can you go wrong?  Checkout BACS demo here or download the coupon site and coupon admin here.

2.  CouponPress by PremiumPress

CouponPress Coupon Template

While the BACS – buildacouponsite Site looks like retailmenot.com, Coupon Press looks almost like Savings.com.  Coupon Press has a Wordpress backend, so you know that once you get this premium Coupon Template it automatically has excellent SEO.  It’s added customization allows coupons to managed individually and you can control the coupon expiry dates.  The best part is that CouponPress has built in import tools for CSV files.  The coupon import tool allows you to import affiliate products from almost any website such as ShareaSale, ClickBank, Amazon, e-Junki, CJ and more.    Believe me, this cuts down on site maintenance so you can focus on other parts of your coupon site like promoting it.    View the wordpress coupon press demo or download it from here.

Any template in Joomla can be used to a coupon site.  The document management system allows you to expire documents at certain dates but again it’s hard to manage multiple coupons for different vendors.  Using a coupon solution already available is probably the best solution.  These pre-made coupon sites suit the needs to get your coupon venture off the ground and get you start making money.  The ease and fun of these pre-made coupon templates are basically plug and play.  Install the templates and you are ready to start adding your own coupons from CJ, Linkshare or whoever you have an affiliate program with.     So, I would recommend either of these solutions to you if you want to create your own elegant and unique coupon site.

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  1. Cassie

    This is a good post, i have been trying to make a Joomla deal site to be able to help with my Dads medical bills.

    Anybody have any suggestions?

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