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How to Create a Website Like StackOverFlow

Stack Overflow, if you are not familiar with the website is basically a question and answer forum featuring discussions around topics of computer programming.  The website allows users to ask questions and community to answer in a wiki type fashion.  Users who answer a questions are rewarded if they are value added contributions.  If you want to create a website like StackOverFlow, you are in luck.   There are 2 ways to create your website, either with Joomla or Wordpress.

1.  Joomla template – I found a Joomla template that will help you create a question and answer website just like StackOverFlow, website like Yahoo Answers or a website like Ask.com.  This is a Joomla 1.5 template called AnswersPlazza from TemplatePlazza.  Click here for details.

Stackoverflow Joomla Template

I would say that this template has all the features available for you to create a website like Stackoverflow.   It shows the questions and number of answers and views of each question.   Viewers can also click on a question to see it in full page where they can do additional research on the topic or provide their own answers.  On the right navigation users will see the latest answers to questions that were asked, number of questions in each category and a category listing.

I think that is the extent of good features about this template.  I don’t know why the colors are so weird on this template.  I think if you purchase this template you will need to spend some extra time in the css files to make some color theme changes.    A few other things about this template is that I’m not too sure how reliable the support is and how good the template functionality is.  If you purchased this template please leave a comment about how you like this Stackoverflow template.  Click here for a demo of the AnswersPlazza template for Stack Overflow.

2.  Wordpress Theme – In my honest opinion, if you wanted to create a reliable Q&A website I would use the WordPress platform.  Choose the Answers Template by Templatic.    Click here to read more about creating a question and answers website with Answers Template.

Answers Tempatic Wordpress Theme

If I had to choose between the two options – the Joomla Template or the Wordpress Theme, I would choose the Wordpress Theme by Templatic – Answers to create your Stack Overflow questions and answers website.  Because the WordPress theme has all the features already built into your theme and you do not need to search for other “Components, Extensions, or modules” (Joomla lingo) or plugins to install to get your website up and running.   Click here for a demo of the Answers theme by Templatic.

  1. Nil jhonson

    Thanks for this grand expose. I’ve been looking for the way to create a website like stack overflow from a long time and at last I’ve found here. Your mentioned initiative for this issue seems to me easy to understand. I’ve just keep the main view point for my own assist. Thanks mate and more power.

    1. Elaine

      Hi Ramnadh,
      I do not really recommend this theme anymore since it only is available for Joomla 1.5 users. Since Joomla is already in version 1.7, this Joomla template is out of date. As an alternative you can look into Ask & Answer WordPress Themes.
      Thanks for your visit,

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