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by Elaine on December 2, 2010

Chapters by WooThemes

The hardest part is not just writing the book, but promoting and marketing it to the world.  Your publisher probably does not have enough time to allocate sufficient resources to promote your book.   But you don’t have to sit around and wait for him to promote your book for you, you can just as easily do it online and get it done for free too.

chapters book WordPress – How to promote your book online

Here are some tips you can use to promote your book online:

1.  Create a Wordpress website dedicated to your book.   Don’t use an existing blog or a regular blog site, you should purchase a domain name in your books title.  Purchase a domain name here from godaddy.

2.  Get a good domain hosting that has fantastico so you can install Wordpress easily.    Fatcow is a good domain hosting provider.  Check out what Fatcow has to offer – here.

3.  Use Fantastico/download and install WordPress from wordpress.org.

4.  Find some great Wordpress Themes that will promote your book effectively.  Here is a Wordpress Theme that will help you promote your book online.   I recommend the template “Chapters” from WooThemes.

5.  Distribute teasers/sample chapters on your website that allows readers to download or read a table of contents plus one or more sample chapters from your book.  The “Chapters” template from WooThemes has a ribbon on the top of the site that allows readers to quickly jump from chapter to chapter in your book.  Chapters also has a Table of Contents or Index generator.

6.  Encourage reader comments and encourage customer testimonials.  With the Chapters theme you should also include a little biography about yourself the author.

7.  Post up events when you have book signing, dates and times of future book signings or book readings.  This will be a great way to get the word out about your new book.

8.  Signup for various social networking sites such as facebook and twitter.  You can also add them as plugins to your wordpress website.  Joining yahoo groups or other book forums can also be an effective way to promote your website.

9.  Promote your site as much as possible.  When joining facebook, twitter, signing off on emails, and attaching your name to anything content you publish online – you should also include in your signature a link back to your book website.

10.  Give readers a reason to revisit your website.  You could offer downloadable versions of your site.  Promise updated content and new information on topics you mentioned in your book.   If you think it’s a difficult book to read with a lot of undertones, you could provide a coles notes version of your book.

I mentioned above a Wordpress Theme that will help you build a website to promote your book online.  You can demo the “Chapters” theme here, or download it here.

get theme WordPress – How to promote your book online



 WordPress – How to promote your book online


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