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Magazine Template – Maxed Mag by Shape5 Create your own Magazine or News website easily with Maxed Mag Joomla 1.7 template by Shape5.  This Joomla template is designed with tons of features including featured post slider, thumbnail sliders, display videos, advertising spots, article highlights, image sliders, advanced theme and layout controls and 93 template positions […]

Joomla 1.6 Magazine Template – YouFash Fashion by YouJoomla This amazing Joomla 1.6 Magazine Template is bound to impress your visitors.  YouFash Fashion Joomla template is fully equipped with scrolling featured image posts, recent News, top posts from several categories  and plenty of space for advertising opportunities.   Creating a Magazine website is easy with […]

Joomla 1.6 Template – Corporate FutureProspects Template

by Elaine July 19, 2011
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FutureProspects Template by Themeforest You can create an elegant and flexible business/corporate website with Joomla 1.6 Template FutureProspects.  This is a highly versatile theme with over 80 different module positions.  I love having so many module positions to place my content.   The feature scroller on the main page will also highlight your business achievements and […]

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Joomla 1.6 Template – Create a Portfolio Website with BlackStudios

by Elaine June 6, 2011
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  BlackStudio by Themeforest Build a unique and elegant creative portfolio website with BlackStudio by Themeforest.  This premium Joomla 1.6 template is modern, clean and stylish template and perfectly suited for web studios, creative agencies, product websites, blogs or portfolios.   BlackStudio is packed full of features including 60 different module positions and smartphone ready.   See […]

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Business Template – Create a Professional Business Website with Serpentis

by Elaine May 31, 2011
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Serpentis Template by Themeforest Use Joomla 1.6 to create an elegant and professional Business Website.  You do not need to know any HTML or PHP.  With this template, all you need to do is install on your webhosting, upload – activate the template, and then start adding content.  Learning how to use Joomla requires a […]

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Coupon Clone Template Comparison Chart

by Elaine May 14, 2011
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There are many Coupon Clone scripts that provide you with coupon management solutions.  You can choose from using different content management platforms such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or with PHP build sites.   I believe the top 4 coupon management website templates you should focus on are: Clipper Theme by AppThemes (Wordpress) CouponPress Theme by […]

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Magazine Clone – Create a Magazine Website

by Elaine April 24, 2011

YouMagazine by YouJoomla Building a Magazine website from a Magazine Clone template is very simple.  You can have a functioning and readable Magazine or News website up in a day.  No need to submit freelance work order bids or contracting web development.  Creating your own Magazine or News website is right at your fingertips and […]

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How to Create a Website Like StackOverFlow

by Elaine April 5, 2011

Stack Overflow, if you are not familiar with the website is basically a question and answer forum featuring discussions around topics of computer programming.  The website allows users to ask questions and community to answer in a wiki type fashion.  Users who answer a questions are rewarded if they are value added contributions.  If you […]

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How to Add Groupon to Your Joomla Website

by Elaine January 20, 2011

Putting Groupon on your website is effective because it utilizes Geo-Targeting.  If a viewer comes to your website, Groupon automatically detects the location of your visitor and displays ads relevant to their location.   For example, a viewer from Japan on your site will see a different Groupon ad than someone visiting from Greece.  So Groupon […]

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How to make a Job Posting Site

by Elaine January 13, 2011

So I hear the job market is going up this year.  If that is true, then Companies will be looking for job boards to post their job opportunities and job seekers will be scouring the internet for job sites looking for any available jobs.    If you want to know how ot create your own job […]

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CNN Clone – Premium News & Magazine Template

by Elaine December 12, 2010

JA Teline IV by Joomlart Create your own News or Magazine website with  Joomlart JA Teline IV.  This Joomla template is designed to transform your website into a very unique, elegant and professional News or Magazine website. The layout of the JA Teline IV is flexible and very clean.  I’ve listed the top 5 features […]

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Joomla Coupon Template Like

by Elaine October 28, 2010

I found a really hot theme for you Joomla lovers.  This template will help you build a coupon site just like or retailmenot.   Coupon sites are blooming everywhere and is definitely trending upwards as one of the most popular sites to build.    As I see there are more coupon templates and coupon management sites […]

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