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Best Themes to Create Websites like Youtube or any video sharing websites.

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Subscribely is an elegantly designed Wordpress theme to create a site like YouTube.  But the difference with this theme is that only you can upload videos.  You can upload unlimited videos and create a membership program to allow certain videos to be free for public viewing or only allow subscribed members to access the members […]

Youtube Clone – VideoCraft by InkThemes Startup costs to create your own Youtube Clone is less than $100.  Use Wordpress, install and activate Wordpress Theme VideoCraft.  Wordpress is extremely easy to use, easy to create posts, easy to manage your website, easy to change Wordpress Themes and SEO optimized.  I’ve listed the cost breakdown below.  This Video Sharing […]

YouTube Clone – Cost to Create a Video Website with MoviePress

by Elaine June 2, 2011
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MoviePress by PremiumPress As mentioned in my previous post, this Wordpress Theme will transform your website into an amazing video blogging website or a website like YouTube or MetaCafe.  This is the most efficient way to host your own video repository and it will not cost a fortune either.  It will cost you less than […]

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