I’m creating a new eCommerce Website with Wordpress and Worpress Themes, I just finished purchasing a Domain name from Godaddy and already have an existing webhosting account with Dreamhost.  You can see my Part 1 here.  My next steps are to: Tell Dreamhost that I have a new domain name I want to add Tell Godaddy […]

I talk a lot about creating websites using Wordpress and how easy it is.  Today, I’m actually creating another eCommerce site and just on the first steps.  Before I create my site, I need to purchase a domain name.  For those who are purchasing a web hosting for the first time, can consider using Fatcow, […]

Transferred my Webhosting from Dreamhost to Tigertech

by Elaine April 3, 2012

After a nightmarish experience with Dreamhost I decided to transfer my web hosting to Tigertech.  I recently completed the move and now back in business.  The transfer was easier than I thought and the Tigertech support were with me every step of the way.  They were very responsive to my questions.  Now I just have to […]

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How to Manually Install Joomla 1.7 on Dreamhost Webhosting

by Elaine December 14, 2011

Hi Everyone, I’m back from my vacation. It’s been over 2 weeks.  But in the meantime I created 7 video tutorials on how to install Joomla 1.7 manually on Dreamhost.  I host most of my websites on the Dreamhost web hosting server.  For some reason they don’t have Joomla 1.7 as a One click Install […]

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Fatcow Help – How to Host Multiple Domain Names

by Elaine September 28, 2011

Someone emailed me about how to host multiple domains with Fatcow but I can’t find the email to respond to them.    So I’ll post here and hope you see it.  I’ve created a post for you and it’s here.  It details on how to host multiple domains if you purchased webhosting from Fatcow and domain […]

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