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Dealership Clone – Cost to Make a Car Dealership Website

Dealership CloneAutomobile by Templatic:

To create an elegant Auto dealership website is easy.   The Automobile Template by Templatic will help you start building your own car trader or inquiry website.   It’s a beautiful Wordpress template and I think you will fall in love with it immediately.   No need to know any PHP or HTML and you can create your own website like Autotrader.  Here is the cost breakdown of what you need to create this website.  Click here for more details about Automobile Wordpress Theme.

Automobile Dealership Wordpress template
Wordpress Theme to Create AutoTrader Website, Features Include:

  • Scrolling Featured Image
  • Unlimited Car listing pages
  • Send Inquiry button emails you directly
  • Detailed Search Criterias
  • Bulk upload many car images
  • Car detail pages – can include photos, videos, detail car descriptions

Click here to demo Dealership Clone

Costs to Create an Automobile dealership website

1.  $56 Webhosting. You need to purchase webhosting and a domain name.  For $56/year Fatcow.com includes a free domain name, unlimited emails, unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth and more.  There is a 40% off sale right now at Fatcow.com, so I don’t know how long this price will last.  Click here for more details about Fatcow.com.

2.  $0 WordPress. WordPress costs nothing.  It’s free open source code and free to download at WordPress.org

3. $65 Wordpress Theme. This is a one time fee to purchase the Automobile template by Templatic.  There is lifetime support.  This theme is awesome.  Has all the features to create a fully functional Car dealership website.  Don’t believe me? Take a demo of the template here.

4. -$150 Advertising Credits. If you purchased your webhosting from Fatcow.com, they also give you $75 worth of advertising credits for Facebook, $50 worth of advertising credits for Google Adwords and also $25 worth of advertising credits for Bing/Yahoo.  It’s important to save money for advertising to get your website known.

So that’s it!  In total if you add up everything (Webhosting + WordPress + WordPress Template) it equals $121.  But if you add in the free advertising credits you get from purchasing your hosting from Fatcow.com, you actually don’t pay anything to startup your Car Dealership Website. This is the best theme to showcase your cars.

Click here to demo Dealership Clone

Click here to download Dealership Clone

Click here for more information about Fatcow Webhosting Provider



  1. Josh D

    Thanks so much for this post! I followed the link and have this site created to those specs! I love the flexibility of the modules and the programming and import inventory capabilities are awesome! You saved me thousands of $$$$ Thanks!!!

  2. Ali A


    I want to build a similar site but want to incorporate other features. Is the template flexible so that it can accommodate other features and tools?

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