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Cost to Build a Movie Review Website like imdb

imdb Template – movie review websites like imdb or Rotten Tomatoes are popular. If you want to create your own movie review website it’s quite simple using Wordpress.  After you install Wordpress, install and activate a premium Wordpress theme and voila, you have a movie review site.  WordPress is very powerful, it is a blogging software but it has a MYSQL database backend.   The frontend WordPress administrator panel controls everything about your site and you don’t have to touch a single piece of code. See below the cost to create a movie review website like imdb or a site like Rotten Tomatoes. Click here to see more features of Review it Movie Review Template.

Review It Premium Wordpress Theme
Features of WordPress IMDB Clone:

  • Users can login and rate movies, leave comments about the reviews.
  • Users can manage their own profile, view activities of friends, groups or people tagged as favourites.
  • Members can also leave comments for other members.
  • Different color schemes – Dark and Light.
  • Cool front page slider.  You can show pictures, YouTube, FLV, MP4
  • Display your movie reviews in a list, by score, date, similarity
  • Star based review system that members use to rate the movies/games/software.
  • Straight out of the box installation.
  • Totally integrated with BuddyPress.
  • Admins can add movie reviews, multiple different categories, manage your movie reviews

Click here for a demo of ReviewIt


Cost to Build your Movie Review Website:

1.  $56/year Webhosting. You need to purchase web hosting and a domain name.  I recommend Fatcow.com because with the purchase of your web hosting they also give you a free domain name.  This also includes unlimited disk space, unlimited MYSQL databases, unlimited email addresses, unlimited bandwidth, 24×7 support, and much more.  Currently Fatcow.com has a 40% off sale, so I don’t know how long this price will last.  See details here.

2.  $0 for WordPress. WordPress is completely free and open source.  You can read or play more with WordPress at wordpress.org.

3.  $35 for Wordpress Theme. This is the price for the Review It Theme.  This is a one time fee to purchase the theme and afterwards it belongs to you.  No need to pay any reoccurring fees.    This theme is great because it also includes BuddyPress (community building software).  Users can login and rate movies, leave comments about the movie reviews, manage own profile, view own posting activity or view activities of friends, groups or people tagged as favourites.   Members can also leave comments for other members.  It’s almost like building your own facebook movie fan pages.  Demo the theme here.

4.  $150 Advertising Credits. If you purchase your webhosting from Fatcow.com you will also get $75 for Google adwords credits, $50 Facebook advertising credits, $25 Bing/Yahoo advertising credits and also list your business on YP.com (Yellowpages) for free.   They give all this to you for free.

So if you add in all your costs (Webhosting + WordPress + WordPress Theme) is about $91.   I say approximately because prices are subject to change and the webhosting is on sale.  If you include the advertising credits you get to spend at Google adwords, Facebook and Bing, you actually pay nothing.  You get back your money through the credits.  This is the perfect imdb template or movie reviews template.

Click here to demo/download Review It – Premium WordPress Theme.

Click here to Take advantage of the 40% sale at Fatcow.com.



  1. Berna Jones

    Hi, The nice article sites just found your site on with yahoo helped me a lot! I really like the info, thank you. Wow! what an idea ! What a concept ! Beautiful .. Amazing Can i digg your articles to digg.com?

  2. Lex

    Hi Elaine,

    Thanks for all the info. Very useful. I really like the openness of IMDB and the fact that users can create their own extensive reviews. I want to create a similar site, but then for a different category of products. Is this possible with the ReviewIt or is it very much focussed on reviews for movies/games

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