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Cost to Make a Stunning Photography or Portfolio Website

Prestige by Themeforest

In my previous post I introduced to you the “Prestige” Ultimate Wordpress template.  It’s extreme versatility can transform your website into a premium News, Photography, portfolio, Magazine website.   Since I couldn’t put that all into my blog title, I know that finding a good portfolio or gallery template is extremely hard – especially a good wedding photography template.  You want to find a template that will accentuate the qualities of your photos and bring a positive experience to your viewers.  I believe the Prestige Wordpress template is one that will accomplish this.  Check out the features here.  The cost to create this website is extremely low.  With all the features you get you expect that the cost will reflect this but it doesn’t.  It will cost you $91 to have a fully functional elegant Photography/Magazine/News/portfolio website.  Here is the cost breakdown:

Prestige WordPress Theme
Prestige Wordpress Theme

1.   $56/year for Webhosting.    To start a website you need to purchase a webhosting and a domain name.   I recommend   With your purchase of webhosting you also get a free domain name, unlimited disk space, unlimited email addresses, unlimited bandwidth, host unlimited domains, and more.  The hosting is currently on sale 40% off.  I don’t know how long the sale will last.  Get more details here.

2. $0  for Wordpress.   Wordpress is completely free open source program.  You can download it at and play around with it to familiarize yourself with WordPress if you have never used it before.

3.  $35 for WordPress Template.  Prestige Template is $35 and this is a one time fee.  Afterwards this template totally belongs to you.  You do not have to pay any additional fees to use the theme on your website.  It’s so worth it considering all the features included in this crazy theme.  Check out all the theme features here.

4.  $150 advertising credits. gives you credits for advertising with their partners.   You get $75 in Google adwords credits, $50 in Facebok ads credits, and $25 in Yahoo/Bing ads credits.   Advertising is an important part of your business if you want to get your name out there. also will submit your business listing to (Yellowpages) for free.

So that’s all you will pay to get your website up and running.  After you setup WordPress on your webhosting.  Download the WordPress template – upload, activate and start customizing your theme in WordPress.  So the total cost ( Webhosting + WordPress + WordPress Template) = $91.04.  If you factor in the advertising credits you get for free from you actually don’t pay anything to make a fully functional website.

Webhosting – I have a lot of international visitors – If you  live outside of US or Canada – I recommend since is not supported outside of US or Canada.

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