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Cost to Build a Social Networking Website

They quoted you what?  Yeah, if you hire contractors or web designers out there they will probably charge you between $15k – $30k to build a social networking site like Facebook.  But do you really want to spend that much money to create a website you can build it yourself for free?   Well it’s almost free.  All you need to spend money on is webhosting.   I will explain to you the cost breakdown of what is needed to build your own social networking website:

1.  $56 Webhosting.  You need a webhosting to put the files for your website somewhere.     You also need a domain name so people can get to your files on your webhosting.  I recommend Fatcow.com because it offers you webhosting and gives you a free domain name.  It also has unlimited space, unlimited emails, unlimited MYSQL databases, unlimited bandwidth and more.  See Fatcow.com features here.  BTW the $56/year is a 40% off promo, I don’t know when they will end this promotion.

2. $0 Social Networking Software. BuddyPress is the software you will need to build a social networking website.    I recommend BuddyPress because it was created as an addon to Wordpress (I love Wordpress) but the software has expanded and now has it’s own installation.  If required, you can also look for BuddyPress themes to make your Buddypress website fun and elegant.  Check out Buddypress at Buddypress.org.

3.  $0 BuddyPress Theme.  There are lots of BuddyPress themes/templates that are free.  If you wanted to make a fancy looking facebook website, there are themes you can download for a cost.  But for now, you can basically create one without changing the theme.

4.  -$150 Ad Credits. Fatcow.com also gives you $75 in Google Adwords credits so can you create advertising campaigns on Google, $50 in Facebook Advertising credits and also $25 advertising credits to create ad campaigns on Bing.

So, if my math is right – Webhosting + Buddypress + BuddyPress template is only $56 total to create a website like Facebook.   That’s a great deal don’t you think, and you don’t even have to touch any code.   Once you add in the $150 worth of advertising credits you get from Fatcow.com, you actually don’t pay anything.   I would check out BuddyPress.org.

  1. Jasveet Singh

    I was going through your articles . I am a business man . I want to get my own site with my company name & I also want a website where , people can sell & buy things easily (like amazon )
    So can you please tell me how much will a simple company site will cost me & how much a site like amazon will cost me .

    I will be waiting for your reply !!

    1. Elaine

      Hi Jasveet,
      Do you have your own products to sell or are you affiliated with Amazon where you want to fill in products from feeds from Amazon?
      Thanks for your visit,

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