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Cost to Build a Restaurant Website

“The Restaurant” By Themeforest

In continuation of my last post on ‘How to Create a Restaurant Website‘, I’ll tell you now that creating a website does not cost a fortune.    Using Wordpress is probably the most cost and time efficient way to build your own website.   First, you won’t have to touch any code and Second, the template is already created for you.  You just install it and start configuring your website from the backend.  Your friends and visitors will think, wow, this person spent a lot of money and time to create this.  But only you know that it was from a template.   The cost to make a Restaurant Website using Wordpress theme “The Restaurant” will cost about $79.  Click here for more details about the theme.

"The Restaurant" Wordpress Theme
Features of The Restaurant by Themeforest 

  • Fully control your Restaurant Website via the WordPress control panel.
  • The Frontpage slider is fully customizable.
  • The Restaurant theme also includes 3 custom page templates.
  • Easily create an image gallery easily.
  • Easily create a Sliding menu card page with price and description
  • Multiple menu cards are now possible.
  • Users  can log in and leave comments
  • Easily add Google maps and contact information
  • Unlimited colors to pick with the color picker in the theme settings.
  • Lots of documentation and support for this theme.

Click here to demo the template


Here is the cost breakdown:

1.  $45/year for Webhosting. You need a domain name and a webhosting service to build your website.  I recommend Fatcow.com.  Right now there is a 40% discount so I don’t know how long this promotional cost will last.  Your webhosting cost at Fatcow.com includes a free domain name, unlimited emails, unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MYSQL databases and more.  Click here for more info about Fatcow.com.

2. $0 for WordPress. WordPress is free and open source.  You can download WordPress to play around with it from WordPress.org.

3. $35 for Wordpress Theme.  “The Restaurant” Wordpress Theme price is a one time fee.  It is not a reoccuring fee.  Once you purchase it, it belongs to you.    There is unlimited support and great documentation.

4.  -$150 Advertising credits. If you purchased your webhosting from Fatcow.com, they include advertising credits worth $75 for Google Adwords advertising, $50 for Facebook advertising, and $25 for Yahoo/Bing advertising.    This is a great deal.

That’s all the costs you need to incur to make your own restaurant website.  I think if you have your own restaurant/service business you definitely need to create a Business Website for yourself.  It’s part of building your image with your potential clients.  Everyone searches online for a restaurant or business.  It’s no longer satisfactory if you don’t have one already created.  So Webhosting + WordPress + WordPress theme = $79.  If you include the advertising credits you get back, you actually get back $46, basically not paying anything to setup your restaurant website.  I think this is a great deal.    (Please no pdf’s for menus, use only if you want to drive me nuts!).  Once again, click here to demo “The Restaurant” WordPress theme.

Click here for more details about Fatcow.com Webhosting.



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