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Cost to Build Unique Photography Portfolio with Photorific

Photorific theme from Themeforest

Finding a theme to invest money in for your Photography website is definitely hard.  There are so many Wordpress Themes or Joomla Templates out there that looks great and offer many different features.  Even for me when I’m looking for themes I find myself confused which one to pick.    I want to keep my costs low but not skimp out on website looks or design, plus the end result must show that I’m a professional photographer.  If this is you,  I highly recommend the Photorific Wordpress theme from Themeforest.    This inexpensive solution is the best way for you to create an elegant and professional Photography or wedding photography website.   There are many features to this theme but the highlight of this theme is it’s full screen photo slider which makes this theme stand out from it’s competitors.  Did I mention yet how much it will cost you to start one up? Drum roll…..it’s free!  See below all the products you will need and how much it will cost you to create this unique Photography website.  Click here for features of this Wordpress Theme.

Photorific Theme from Themeforest

1.  $56 for Webhosting.  You need a domain name and webhosting to start up your photography website.  I recommend to purchase your webhosting from Fatcow.com.  This is because Fatcow.com also gives a free domain name, unlimited emails, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, host unlimited domains, 24×7 support services and much more.  This price is exceptionally low for webhosting because Fatcow currently has a 40% discount.  I don’t know how long this promo will last, so I would take advantage of it now.  Click here to check out their promotion.

2.  $0 for WordPress.  WordPress is completely free and open source.  In fact you can download WordPress from WordPress.org if you want to play around with it.

3.  $30 for Wordpress Theme.  This is a one time fee for the photography theme.  Once you purchase it, it belongs to you.  You get unlimited upgrades, excellent support, unlimited downloads, and install this theme on unlimited domains.

4.  -$150 in Advertising Credits.   If you purchase your webhosting from Fatcow.com, you automatically receive free advertising credits to get your name out there.  The hard part about starting a website is getting traffic.   Fatcow will help you jump start your web presence by providing you with $75 in Google Adwords credits, $50 in Facebook ad credits and $25 in Yahoo/Bing ad credits.

So if you add up all the costs for building your photography website with Photorific (Webhosting + WordPress + WordPress Theme), it will cost you $86.    But if you take into account the money that you are saving with the free advertising credits Fatcow gives you, it will be ($86 + Advertising credits) = -64.  Basically you don’t pay anything to start up your website.  Isn’t that amazing.    I think this is the best solution for you to create a unique, elegant and professional photography or wedding photography website.  Check out the features of the theme here.

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