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Cost to Build a Minimalistic Portfolio Website with WordPress Theme – Ink

Portfolio TemplateInk by ThemeTrust

Cost to make a Minimalistic and responsive Portfolio Website with Wordpress and Wordpress Theme – Ink is less than $100. I’ve listed the cost breakdown below. Wordpress Theme – Ink has tons of great features too including a responsive design, grid layout, social media integrated, touch swipe mobile actions supported, set custom background image for each page and tons more. Click here to see more features of Portfolio Template – Ink.

Responsive Portfolio Template – Ink

Responsive Portfolio WordPress Theme - Ink
Responsive Portfolio Wordpress Theme – Ink
Features of Portfolio/Photography WordPress Them

  • Responsive Layout
  • Set Custom Background Image for Pages
  • Filterable Portfolio Template
  • TouchSwipe Slideshow Shortcode
  • Custom Options Panel – colors, menus, logo
  • Twitter & Flickr Integration
  • Social Media Integrated and Icons
  • Grid Layout

Click here to see more features of Ink

Click here to demo Ink

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Cost to Make a Portfolio Website with WordPress – Ink

1. $56 for Webhosting. To create your own Portfolio/Photography Website you will first need a domain name. That’s why I recommend Fatcow.com. When you purchase web hosting from Fatcow, you get a free domain name. Along with that you also get unlimited email, disk space, bandwidth, MySQL databases, host unlimited domains and more. Click here to immediately save 40% off at Fatcow.com.

2. $0 for WordPress. WordPress is completely free open source platform. At Fatcow.com they have one click installs and you can literally have WordPress installed in minutes for free.

3. $49 for Portfolio Template. This is a one time fee to purchase Wordpress Theme – Ink from ThemeTrust. You can also take advantage of this special offer of buy 1 Theme 1 Theme Free – use coupon code: 1Free

4. -$175 in Advertising Credits. If you purchase your webhosting from Fatcow.com you get free $175 worth of advertising credits. Fatcow.com understands it’s difficult being a new business and so they give you free advertising credits, this includes $100 for Google Adwords, $50 Facebook ads, and $25 for Yahoo/Bing.

So the total startup cost to create your Portfolio Website is:

  • (Webhosting + WordPress + WordPress Theme) =$109

But if you factor in the free advertising credits you get from Fatcow.com:

  • Startup Cost + Advertising Credits = -$70

So you actually don’t pay anything to startup your Portfolio/Photography Website.

Overall this is a great WordPress Theme to create your own photography or portfolio website. I love that you can change the background for each page to give each portfolio or photo gallery it’s own personality. The touch swipe mobile feature is great for tablet users. It’s great that people can interact with the site in the slideshow. You can test out the responsive design by resizing the window. You will automatically see the images rearrange itself to fix on your screen. The filter is also extremely fast. Yes! Demo the WordPress Theme and you will see all the great features I’m talking about in action. Ink is highly recommended to create your Portfolio Website.

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Click here to see more features of Ink

Click here to demo Ink

Click here to download Ink

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