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Cost to Build Tumblr Website with Wumblr

Tumblr CloneWumblr by Themify

In my previous post I introduced the Microblogging Clone template Wumblr by Themify.  It will not cost a fortune to create your own Tumblr website.  Using Wordpress is very simple and it will cost you less than $100 to get your website started and about an hour to have a fully functional Tumblog Clone website up and running.  Please see below the costs involved in creating your website.  Click here for more details about Wumblr.

Wumblr by Themify
Features of Wumblr Wordpress Theme

  • Included mobile version
  • Works on all modern browsers, resolution & mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and Android)
  • 9 different post types: general, notes, video, image, gallery, quote, audio, link, and status.
  • 15 color schemes to style the post individually
  • Choose up to 4 footer widget columns
  • 3 different page column layouts
  • 7 different theme skins
  • Header widget to add social media buttons
  • Threaded comments
  • Custom menu builder
  • Multiple-level dropdown menus

Click here to demo Wumblr

Cost to create your Microblogging Website

1.  $56 for Webhosting.  You need to purchase a domain name to get your website started.  That’s why I recommend purchasing webhosting from Fatcow.com.  With webhosting purchase you get a free domain name.  You also get unlimited disk space, emails, MySQL databases, bandwidth, host unlimited domains and more.  Fatcow.com is currently having a 40% off sale.  Click here to see more details about Fatcow.com.

2.  $0 for Wordpress.  WordPress is completely free and open source.  You can download and play around with WordPress at WordPress.org.

3.  $39 for Wordpress Theme.  This is a one time fee to purchase Wumblr by Themify.  After you purchase the theme it totally belongs to you and there is no membership fee.  If you purchase your theme from Themify you also get to download another template for free.

4.  -$150 Advertising Credits. If you purchase your webhosting from Fatcow.com, you also get $150 in free advertising credits.  Fatcow.com will give you $75 for Google Adwords, $50 for Facebook ads, and $25 for Yahoo/Bing Adcenter.

So if you add up all the costs (Webhosting + WordPress + Wordpress Theme), your startup cost = $95.  But if you include the free advertising credits you get from Fatcow.com , (Startup cost + Advertising Credits), your cost = -$55.  Which means you basically create your website for free.    This is a great Wordpress Theme to create your Tumblr, video blog, photo blog or Microblogging Website.

Click here now to demo/download Wumblr.

Click here now to take advantage of the 40% discount at Fatcow.com.

If you need help to create your Tumblr website, you can contact me for a quote.




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