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Cost to Create a Magazine & Ecommerce Site with WordPress Theme – Repose

Features of Magazine Ecommerce WordPress Theme - Repose
Features of Magazine Ecommerce Wordpress Theme – Repose

Cost to create a Magazine Online Store with Wordpress themes is less than $100.  You do not need any programming knowledge and you should have your site up in a day to start adding content.  There is tons of support from MyThemeShop to help you get your Online Store started.  Repose is a flexible, multi-format Wordpress Theme that is perfect for blogs, businesses, News portals and shops. With a fully customizable color scheme, Repose is WooCommerce ready and loaded with video post format to help you build your site quickly and easily.  You can easily create a magazine or News website with Repose and have a link to your online store front as shown in the demo.  Click here to see more features of Repose Magazine & Ecommerce Wordpress Theme.

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Demo Repose WordPress Theme | Download Repose WordPress Theme

Responsive Magazine & Ecommerce Wordpress Theme – Repose

Responsive Magazine Ecommerce WordPress Theme - Repose
Responsive Magazine Ecommerce WordPress Theme – Repose

You can see that the magazine or News layout side of Respose has many features including a scrolling featured article, Featured thumbnails and links to articles, tons of banner space for advertisements, easily link to videos like vimeo, shortcodes, Social media icons, social media integrated, responsive design and tons more.  The Ecommerce side has WooCommerce to back it up so it has all the Product, Inventory, Sales, Reporting, Order, Shipping management tools.  It also has ratings & reviews available for products that you have for sale.

Cost to Make a Magazine & Online Store

1. $56 for Webhosting. To create your own Magazine & Online store Website, you will first need a domain name. That’s why I recommend Fatcow.com. When you purchase web hosting from Fatcow, you get a free domain name. Along with that you also get unlimited email, disk space, bandwidth, MySQL databases, host unlimited domains and more. Click here to immediately save 40% off at Fatcow.com.

2. $0 for WordPress.  Wordpress is completely free open source platform.  Fatcow has one click installs for WordPress and if you use that to install WordPress, you will have WordPress installed in minutes.  You do not need any programming knowledge.

3. $35 for Wordpress Theme.  This is a one time fee to purchase Repose from MyThemeShop.  Once you download the theme it totally belongs to you.  There are no membership fees, no subscription fees and no hidden fees.

4. -$175 in Advertising Credits. If you purchase your webhosting from Fatcow.com you get free $175 worth of advertising credits. Fatcow.com understands it’s difficult to advertise your Magazine & online store website and so they give you free advertising credits, this includes $100 for Google Adwords, $50 Facebook ads, and $25 for Yahoo/Bing.

So the total total cost to create a Magazine & eCommerce Website will be:

But if you factor in the free advertising credits you get from Fatcow.com:

  • Startup Cost = Total Cost + Advertising Credits = -$84

So you actually don’t pay anything to startup a Magazine & Ecommerce online store website.

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Demo Repose WordPress Theme | Download Repose WordPress Theme



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