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Cost to Create a Petition Website with Petition Pro

Online Petition Website – Petition Pro by FrogsTheme

Creating your own online Petition website is easy and you really don’t need to rely on 3rd party websites to host your Petition website.  I think you will make more of a statement when you have your own petition website along with your News and description of the cause you are fighting for.  Wordpress Theme Petition Pro has all the functionality you require in an online Petition website and you don’t even need to know any HTML programming.  It’s simple and it’s affordable.  In fact, it will cost you less than $100 to get your website started.   Click here to see more details of Petition Pro.

Wordpress Petition Pro Template
Wordpress Petition Pro Template
Features of Wordpress Theme Petition Pro:

  • Super clean colour scheme
  • Custom options panel
  • Full petition management
  • manage petitions and signatories
  • Create multiple petitions
  • Show/hide signatories
  • Homepage featured tabbed content
  • News ticker
  • 1-Click installer
  • Full 1-1 support for Pro/Dev users
  • Sidebar manager – add new sidebars to posts and pages quickly and easily
  • Widget ready sidebars
  • SEO Optimized

Click here to demo Petition Pro

Click here to download Petition Pro

Cost to Make a Petition Website with Petition Pro

1.  $56 for Webhosting.  You need a domain name to create a website.   That’s I recommend Fatcow.com  web hosting.  With Fatcow.com  you get a free domain name, unlimited emails, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, host unlimited domain names, unlimited MySQL databases and more.  Right now Fatcow.com  has a 65% off sale.  I would take advantage of this now.

2.  $0 for WordPress.  Wordpress is completely free and with Fatcow.com  you can install WordPress in a matter of seconds.  Fatcow.com  has a WordPress easy install which makes my life so much easier when installing WordPress.

3.  $48 for Wordpress Theme.  This is a one time fee to purchase Petition Pro Wordpress Theme.  After you purchase the them it totally belongs to you and there are no subscription fees, membership fees or hidden fees.

4.  -$150 in Advertising Credits.  Fatcow.com  gives you free advertising credits so you can advertise and promote your website online on the respective search engines and social media.  The $150 includes $75 in Google Adwords, $50 in Facebook ads and $25 in Yahoo/Bing Adcenter Credits.

So the startup cost to create your online petition website would be Webhosting, WordPress, WordPress Theme:

Startup cost = Webhosting  + WordPress + WordPress theme = $104

If you factor in the free advertising credits provided by Fatcow.com :

Total cost = Startup cost + Advertising Credits = -$46.

So basically you don’t pay anything to get your website started.  This is a great way to create your own online petition website.

Click here to demo Petition Pro

Click here to download Petition Pro

Click here for more information about Fatcow Webhosting.



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