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Cost to Create a Q&A Website

Wordpress makes web design affordable.  You no longer than to pay hefty penalties for not knowing html, php or web design.    If you want to create a fully functional Question & Answer website just like Yahoo Answers or Ask.com, use Wordpress combined with the Wordpress theme called ‘Answers’ by Templatic.  Find out more about the template here, you can also read my review about the template here.  What is the cost to build a question and answer website for yourself?  I can tell you two definites:  #1.  It will NOT cost over $10,000.  #2.  It will cost less than $150.

So here is the breakdown of costs if you want to create your own Yahoo Answers site:

Answers Wordpress template

1. $56 for Webhosting. There are many choices to for a webhost but I recommend fatcow.com.  They offer you a domain name, unlimited SQL databases, unlimited emails, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, 24×7 support, host unlimited domains and more features too.  Click here for more information.

2.  $0 for WordPress. WordPress is totally free.  You can install WordPress easily with Fatcow.com.  Or if you want to download the WordPress software, you can go to wordpress.org.

3.  $65 for Wordpress Theme. This is a one time fee and the template belongs to you forever.  You also get unlimited upgrades and amazing support.  I always thought that purchasing a theme to create a website was cheating, but if I can save my time and money trying to create one or contracting it out to someone, then why not?   I would rather focus my time and money on driving traffic, adding content and advertising.   I recommend using Wordpress Theme Answers by Templatic, you should check it out here.

4.  -$150 Advertising Credits. With Fatcow.com they also give you $50 in Facebook advertising credits, $75 back in Google adwords advertising credit and $25 in Yahoo/Bing advertising credits.  Great to get money and value from your web hosting company.   Once you have your site up and content added, you can go to Google Adwords and start setting up an adwords campaign to show your ads on Google searches or content pages.  BTW, if you don’t use your advertising credits, you lose them and you won’t get money back for it.

So that’s it.    Adding up all your costs – Webhosting + WordPress + Wordpress template = $121. Fatcow.com currently has 40% off their webhosting.    Adding in the advertising credits you get from Fatcow (121 – 150) , you really don’t pay anything.  Starting up your website would be free.

Click here to get 40% off fatcow.com webhosting  (Only pay $56/year).  This is limited time, I don’t know when it will expire.

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