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Cost to Make a Launch Soon Page with Free WordPress Theme – Launcher

Launch Soon – Launcher by MyThemeShop

You must have an idea what you want your website to look like but before you have all the ideas together you should put up a ‘Coming Soon’ or ‘Launch Soon’ page so visitors will know that you will be debuting you work and they should expect to come back in a few days or months.   When you start to create your website you will need to purchase a domain name, web hosting etc to store your files.  All this startup costs will cost less than $50.  I’ve listed the cost breakdown below.  You can use Wordpress and Wordpress Themes – Launch Soon to let your visitors connect with you directly via other means such as Facebook or Twitter.  Launcher Wordpress Theme has a count down timer to the day you want to publicize your website, social networking icons such as Facebook & Twitter and also allow users to subscribe so they can get updates on the progress of your website.  Click here to see more features of the Wordpress Theme – Launcher.

Responsive Launch Soon Wordpress Theme

Free Launch Soon WordPress Theme
Free Launch Soon WordPress Theme – Launcher


  • Free WordPress Theme
  • Responsive Design
  • Email Subscribe Now Box
  • Countdown Timer
  • Twitter Integrated
  • Facebook Integrated
  • Rocket Launching Effect – if you hover your mouse over the rocket launcher, it will shake and look like it’s going to blast off
  • Social Media Integrated
  • Member’s Area
  • Lifetime Theme Access

Click here to see more features of Launcher

Click here to demo Launcher

Click here to download Launcher

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Cost to Create a Launch Soon Page with WordPress

1.  $56 for Webhosting.   First step to create your a Launch Soon website is to purchase a domain name.  But these days you can purchase the domain name and web hosting together to save some costs.  If you purchase web hosting from Fatcow.com, you get a free domain name, unlimited emails, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases and more.  Right now Fatcow has a 40% off sale, I would take advantage of this now.  Click here for more details about Fatcow.com.

2.  $0 for WordPress.  Wordpress is completely free.  Fatcow also provides 1 click installs for WordPress.  You will have WordPress installed in minutes.

3.  $0 for Wordpress Theme.  Launcher is completely free WordPress Theme from MyThemeShop.  There are no membership fees, no subscription fees and no hidden fees.

 4.  -$175 in Advertising Credits.  Fatcow understands it’s difficult to get your Website visible once you want to go live.  Fatcow will you with advertising your website on respective search engines and social networking platforms.  So Fatcow gives you for free $100 in Google Adwords credits, $50 in Facebook Ad credits and $25 in Yahoo/Bing Adcenter credits.

In Total to make your Website will be:

  • Total cost = Webhosting + WordPress + WordPress Theme = $56

But if you include the free advertising credits you get from Fatcow.com, your initial startup cost will be:

  • Startup cost = Total Cost + Advertising Credits = -$119

Basically you don’t pay any startup costs to create your own Website

 I think this is a really cute WordPress Theme for a Launch Soon Page.  While your website is down, visitors can still join your Facebook groups, see your Twitter activity and subscribe to your newsletter with their email where they can get any updates on the progress of your website.  The really cute part of this WordPress Theme – Launcher is that when you hover over the rocket launcher it shakes and looks like it’s going to blast off.  This is also a responsive theme, you can resize the window or view the website from an iPhone or tablet and see that the content automatically adjusts to the width of the viewing screen.   Check out the demo to play around with it.

Click here for the recommended Fatcow Webhosting

Click here to see more features of Launcher

Click here to demo Launcher

Click here to download Launcher



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