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Cost to make a website like Yelp or CitySearch with GeoTheme

Yelp CloneGeoTheme by GeoTheme.com

Wordpress is the best way to make a website like Yelp, Citysearch, Qype or TripAdvisor.  Wordpress coupled with this Premium Wordpress Theme GeoTheme allows you to transform your website into a fully functional city business directory complete with ratings, reviews, user contribution, price manager, coupon manager, event manager, restaurant manager and more.  The cost to create a Ratings and review website with GeoTheme is less than $100 and you will see below from my cost breakdown that it is totally affordable.  You also don’t need any programming knowledge.  Click here to see more features of GeoTheme.

Responsive City Directory Template – GeoTheme

City Search Directory Template - GeoTheme

City Search Directory Template – GeoTheme
Features of GeoTheme Yelp Clone

  • Responsive Design
  • Ratings and reviews
  • User can add & manage own istings
  • Manage/Add Coupons
  • Sort listings by newest, rating, reviews
  • Built in Multi City settings
  • Geolocation and proximity search
  • Home Page Google map V3 widget with Ajax loading markers
  • Advanced notification system
  • Create recurring events and link a business page
  • Rating system allows to attach images to reviews
  • Allow users to add events/listings for free or a fee
  • Add features for + visibility to premium packages
  • Social Networking Integrated
  • Banner Advertising Optimized
  • Allow users to easily search for listings

Click here to to see more features of GeoTheme

Click here to demo GeoTheme

Click here to download GeoTheme

Cost to Create Yelp Website with GeoTheme

1.  $56 for Webhosting.  To create a website you will need a domain name.  That’s why I recommend Fatcow.com web hosting.   Fatcow.com  offers a free domain name and web hosting with unlimited emails, unlimited MySQL databases, host unlimited domain names, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space and more.  Right now Fatcow.com  has a %40 off sale.  I would take advantage of this sale now.

2.  $0 for WordPress.  Wordpress is completely free.  If you purchase Fatcow.com , there is a 1-click-install for WordPress.  You will literally have WordPress up in minutes.

3.  $85 for GeoTheme.   This is the cost to purchase the premium Wordpress Theme Geotheme.  After you purchase this theme it totally belongs to you and there are no subscription or hidden fees.  Geotheme also provides you with 1 year free upgrades, 1 year support, and 2 free child themes.  Click here to demo Geotheme.

4.  -$175 in Advertising Credits.  With Fatcow.com  they also give you $150 worth of free advertising credits you can use to promote your website online.  This includes $100 in Google Adwords, $25 in Yahoo/Bing Adcenter, $50 in Facebook ad credits.

So if you add up all the costs required to startup your City directory ratings and reviews website which includes Domain name, Webhosting, WordPress and Wordpress Theme:

  • Startup costs = Domain name + Webhosting + WordPress + GeoTheme = $141

But if you include the free advertising credits you get from Fatcow.com 

  • Startup costs + Free Advertising Credits = -$34.

So basically you don’t pay anything to get your Yelp, Qype or CitySearch website started.  This is a great deal and perfect way to start your online business.

Click here to demo GeoTheme

Click here to download GeoTheme

Click here for  recommended Fatcow Webhosting.



  1. Davenport

    I purchased the GEOTHEME and I am not happy at all. It is complicated and has absolutely no meaningful documentation to help understand all the many areas that require input. The guy, Stiofan and his group took this theme from the Creative Commons community and began to create their own version. All legal and so forth, bu they unleashed a product basically in the BATA stages and not ready for prime time. It does cost $85.00 and not it worth yet. They are now at version 3.0 BETA with a child theme version 1.0 on my last visit to their so called support forum. I am now ready to forfeit my $85.00 and purchase the Templatic version as it is stable and has training videos as well to help understand the working of the theme.

    1. Elaine

      Hi Davenport,
      I’m sorry about your bad experience with Geotheme. Yeah a good alternative would be GeoPlaces from Templatic. You can test drive the GeoPlaces theme first before purchasing as well. It would be good to get more feedback from people who purchased the GeoTheme.
      Thanks for your feedback about GeoTheme.

      1. Juan

        I currently run over 30 geotheme sites in the world and am very happy with the results. There were growing pains and they have since become less and less.

        I’ve been with Geotheme since early last year.

        Many thanks

        Juan Colome

  2. GeoTheme

    Hi Davenport, thanks for the feedback, a lot of our customers are unhappy Templatic customers and reading at their reviews, common point is how they feel GeoTheme is evolving into the right direction and how dedicated support is!

    In the only forum thread you posted, we told you how to fix what you were doing wrong and even offered you to install for you at a very reasonalbe fee, in case you didn’t want to invest time learning how GeoTheme works. But Geotheme is a big framework and require sometime to set it up.

    There are so many features that it can’t really be a “plug and play” type of template.

    Meanwhile, other than a full text documentation which was already available on our support forum when you bought, now we have also created a video docs section http://www.geotheme.com/geotheme-video-documentationhttp://www.geotheme.com/geotheme-video-documentationHope you’ll give it a try!


    GT Staff

    1. Jay

      Hello GT Staff,
      There is one aspect of you response above that i want to react to.
      You said you offered to install for him at a very reasonable fee. this is what i want to get from you so if possible can you get back to me via my mail box?

  3. josefina

    hi! I want to know:
    1) I want to create a page like YELP and start it in my home COUNTRY (argentina). Can I do it with geotheme?. Does it say anywhere that it has been done with geotheme?.
    2) I also need to register the domain name from argentina (com.ar).
    3) Can I manage everything from the US or do I need to have a partner in Argentina.


  4. Ashwin

    Hi All,

    Creating a website like Yelp or Trip Advisor requires access places APIs. Google does not allow you to store content on your end ? How is this handled ? I understand it is cheap to make the website what about data?

  5. Henry Kelly

    I am so pleased to know that Geotheme is a great alternative to the Templatic theme GeoPlaces. I was looking forward to get such post. Thanks mate for this allocation.

  6. Danny Shaw

    I started using Geotheme yesterday and have to say it is a big project. I have to say even with 5 plus years playing around with websites (seo expert) this is not for the faint hearted. This being said I can see the massive potentual with this theme. One site alone could turn you over tousands per year.

    So all in all I am happy so far and am going to spend the next week or so learning all the bells and whistles, then start adding content and get to work on seo and promotion.

  7. Suzanne

    Yes, I started using GeoTheme after reading through this string, and I have to say, it’s pretty great. Yes, I too had a learning curve, but that was before I went through their 33 video tutorials on everything from how to install it through every single widget (and they have MANY custom widgets and widget areas). Now, 2 weeks into it, I’m just cleaning up little details here and there.

    I will say they do have a very active community of users who jump in and offer their experience and guidance, as well as the admin staff who is very quick to reply to questions.

    They have a great install document that I somehow missed and found recently that helped me customize some things…and I’m not a programmer at all. I’m more like Danny, I know just enough html to really mess up a site! But I can maneuver around in the code and figure stuff out through context.

    I am probably going to reach out to a designer to help me with some custom CSS, and perhaps a programmer to help me add some plugins without messing anything up in the theme. But out of the box, it’s a pretty darned comprehensive theme and I’m very happy with it so far.

    The GeoTheme guys have build several “a la carte” plugins that you help you add on functionality like BuddyPress integration, vouchers, map pin clusters, etc. as well as custom installation help.

    I, too, read a lot of bad press regarding GeoPlaces, and tried the demo version of both that and GT before going with GeoTheme. I’m very happy with my decision and look forward to growing with this theme.

  8. kevin

    This is perhaps the greatest theme I have ever seen.
    You can additionally buy mods and plugins specially designed for geotheme.

    I too have recently created a csv files for various countries where users can upload cities with lat and long with one click.
    You can try purchase at

  9. Arun Bhat

    Hi I am planning to use this Geo theme for my upcoming directory website ,please help me to understand ..
    the following
    1) Is Geo theme is mobile friendly or compatable ?
    2)Is $ 85 is yearly subscription or life time ??
    3) What is the advantage over Vantage in this Geo theme?


  10. Alex

    This is a great article, but I notice this only highlights the website related cost. Would you be able to shed some light on the legal costs attributed to creating a business like yelp?

    Thank you

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