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Coupon Template – Create New Store with WordPress Clipper Theme

Clipper Theme by AppThemes

Clipper is a Premium Wordpress theme to help you transform your website into a fully functional Coupon Website.   This Coupon Clone has amazing features and really easy to use and configure.  In my last post about Clipper I showed you how to create a coupon, this post will show you how easy it is to add a store to your Coupon Website.

Premium Coupon Theme Clipper by AppThemes
Features include: 

  • Featured coupons slider
  • Show Success Rate for each coupon
  • Unlimited store pages
  • User submit coupons and easily manage their own coupons
  • Extensive administrator coupon management
  • Auto copy affiliate id and coupon code script
  • Social networking integrated
  • See more features here

The below images are screenshots of the Clipper Theme.   (Pic 1) The frontend view of a store page and (Pic 2) the administrator panel to create a store.  You can see from a very high level that creating a store is not hard.  You basically fill in fields on a form and you do not need to touch any code.

Pic 1 – Coupon Template Frontend – Store PagePic 2 – Coupon Template Admin Panel – Create a Store

Pic 1: Clipper Coupon Theme - Store page

Pic 2: Clipper Theme - Admin Panel - Add a Store

I mapped the frontend to the backend with letters:

B.  Store Name

C.  Store Description

D.  Store URL

To create a new store for your Coupon website (See Pic 2):

1.  Login to your Wordpress Administrator Panel.

2.  Along the left navigation – Click on Coupons, Stores (A)

3.  Fill in all fields – B, C, D.

4.  Then click on ‘Add New Store’

After you add new stores you can view them on your coupon website.  The Clipper Theme will automatically format the data and your store description excerpt will look exactly like – Pic 1.  You can also create coupons and assign them to the store.  On the store page you will see a listing of all active coupons based on their expiry date.   If you are interested, click here to see how to create a coupon with the Clipper Theme.

Click here to demo Clipper themeClick here to download the theme.


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