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Coupon Template – Creating a Coupon Using Clipper Theme

Clipper Theme by AppThemes

This Coupon Template Wordpress Theme is the best in the market to create a Coupon Clone.   It is packed full of features essential for coupon management, affiliate management, store management and user self coupon management.  Clipper also has a blog style layout where you can talk about special deals or upcoming promotions.

Premium Coupon Theme Clipper by AppThemes
Features include: 

  • Featured coupons slider
  • Show Success Rate for each coupon
  • Unlimited store pages
  • User submit coupons and easily manage their own coupons
  • Extensive administrator coupon management
  • Auto copy affiliate id and coupon code script
  • Social networking integrated
  • See more features here

If you purchased the Clipper Theme or interested in purchasing it, you should first take a look how easy it is to create a coupon. Below are 2 images of what the coupon creation looks like.  You can see from both images  that Clipper is extremely intuitive and you don’t need to do any coding.  On the left (Pic 1) is what a coupon looks like to a viewer and on the right (Pic 2) is what the admin panel looks like to create a coupon.

Pic 1: Coupon Website Frontend – View a CouponPic 2: Coupon Website Backend – Create/Edit Coupon

Pic 1: Clipper Coupon View

Pic 2: Clipper Coupon - Add Coupon

I mapped out the Clipper coupon view to how you would actually create/edit a coupon on your Coupon Website.

A.  Title of the Coupon.

B.  Detailed description of the Coupon.

C.  The Coupon code if applicable.

D.  Which store and category the Coupon belongs to.

E.  Coupon stats to see how many times the Coupon was viewed today and in total since published.

F.  Coupon Expiration Date.

If you wanted to create a coupon with the Clipper Wordpress template all you need to do is fill out the fields (A-F above) in Pic 2.  After you save the coupon, it will automatically format and look like the coupon in Pic 1.

See more features of the Coupon Clone template Clipper by AppThemes here.

Demo the Theme or Purchase it here.

  1. james brown

    i bought this theme and was very disapointed, appThemes are really poor quality themes and their support sucks.

    1. Elaine

      Hi James,
      I’m sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience with Appthemes. Is there something I can help you with? I can try to contact support to get help for you for problems you may have? Is it related to billing to template specific help you required?
      Thanks for your visit and comment,

  2. Liora Taylor

    Would you please explain how to get the coupon’s expiration date display in the front-end? In my website The date displayed is the coupon’s post date, the expiration date is not available for the user, even thou the filed “F” was populated on my front end. (See coupon under my dining section).
    Thanks, Liora

    1. Elaine

      Hi Liora,
      Your website looks great. It looks like you purchased the Clipper theme. You will have to contact the Appthemes support team and experts there will be able to respond to your question.
      Thanks for your visit,

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