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Coupon Template – Product Review Clipper Theme to Create Coupon Website

Coupon Template Clipper WordPress Theme by Appthemes

Create your own fully functional Coupon Website easily with no html or PHP knowledge.  Using Wordpress and Wordpress themes is the best way to build up your own website.  So below I will step you through the basics of the Clipper theme and show you how easy it is to create your own Coupon Website like Savings.com or Retailmenot.com.    As mentioned earlier, this is a fully functional coupon site, and fully loaded with tons of features.    Click here to see all the features of the Clipper theme.

Premium Coupon Theme Clipper by AppThemes

 Some Features of Clipper Coupon Theme:

  • Scroll Featured Coupons
  • Show success rate
  • Users can submit, manage their own coupons
  • ‘Click to open’ script to copy your affiliate code
  • Social Media integrated
  • Unlimited stores
  • Display popular coupons
  • Scrolling popular stores
  • Thumbs up/down to allow people to indicate if coupon worked
  • Auto expire coupons
  • Upload coupons via csv coupon importer
  • tons more features…

Click here to demo Clipper Coupon Template

Behind the scenes Clipper control panel and how to setup your Clipper website with Wordpress:

  1. Install and Activate Clipper Coupon Template.
  2. Configure Permalinks
  3. Configure Clipper Theme settings
  4. Coupon website email settings
  5. Mass upload coupons from a csv file
  6. View all activate coupons
  7. Coupon creation
  8. Dashboard Coupon statistics

1.  Install and Activate Clipper Coupon Template:   After you install WordPress, login as an Administrator.  Go to Appearances, Themes, Install Themes, Upload, select the Clipper Wordpress Theme, and click on ‘Install Now’.  After that, click on ‘Activate’ to get the theme installed on your website.

Clipper Coupon Template - Install
Clipper Coupon Template - Install

2.  Configure Permalinks.  The first thing I do after I install WordPress is change the permalinks.  This will convert your post links into SEO friendly links.  Go to Settings, Permalinks, Custom Structure  = /%postname%/

Clipper Coupon Permalinks
Clipper Coupon Permalinks

3.  Configure Clipper Theme settings.   Under the Clipper settings you can change the look and feel of your coupon website.   Modify your color scheme, website logo, website favicon, twitter id, facebook, insert your and Google analytics code.  You can also setup your coupon notification options.   You can moderate new coupons that users submit, users require registration, show view counter, enable search stats, exclude pages or posts in the search settings.  Go to Clipper, Settings

Clipper Coupon Settings
Clipper Coupon Settings

4.  Coupon website email settings.  You can set the Clipper Theme to send email notification when a new coupon is submitted, or new user registered.  Go to Clipper, Emails

Clipper Coupon Template Email Settings
Clipper Coupon Template Email Settings

5.  Mass upload coupons from a csv file.  You can mass upload coupons via a csv file with the Clipper coupon  import tool.  Go to Clipper, Importer

Clipper Coupon Importer
Clipper Coupon Importer

6.  View all activate coupons.  You can easily view all your coupons on your website.  See coupons, the categories they are assigned to, coupon codes, store name, coupon votes, activated, coupon created by and more.  Go to Coupons, Coupons

Clipper Coupon View all Coupons
Clipper Coupon View all Coupons

7.  Coupon creation.  You can add coupon details, expiration date, store, coupon code, coupon printable link, coupon tags, featured coupon, and more.  Go to Coupons, Add New

Clipper Coupon Template Add New
Clipper Coupon Template Add New

8.  Dashboard Coupon statistics.  You can view total live coupons, total pending coupons,total new coupons added everyday and a graph to show the progress.

Clipper Coupon Dashboard Stats
Clipper Coupon Dashboard Stats


Clipper is a great Wordpress Theme to create your own coupon website.  You can see from the screenshots above that configuring your website is easy and very intuitive.    Appthemes also provides documentation and full theme support so if you have any questions, they are there to help you.

Click here to demo Clipper Coupon Template

Click here to download Clipper Coupon Template

Click here to see cost to build Coupon website



  1. Vanessa

    Is there a way to add payment functionality to Clipper? I want to charge customers to post coupons and collect payment automatically. Any 3rd party plugins for this? Programming options?

    1. Elaine

      Hi Vanessa,
      I recommend looking at CouponPress. I’ve created a comparison chart between Clipper and CouponPress. CouponPress allows you to create different subscription levels to charge for submitting coupons. You can take a look at the comparison chart here.
      Thanks for your visit,

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