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Create a Pinterest or Tumblr Like Website with WordPress Pinfinity

Pinterest Template – Pinfinity by CSSIgniter

Create your own Pinterest-like website with Pinfinity from CSSIgniter.  This is a very unique Wordpress Theme with a responsive design that allows people to view your site on an iPhone, iPad, Tablet, or any smartphone device.  You can add any multimedia posts you want to this site including photo galleries, images, videos, quotes, audios, and more.   Visitors can “Love” your posts and leave comments easily.  Pinfinity Wordpress theme also has Infinite Scroll so visitors never have to click to go to the next page.  Click here for more details about Pinfinity.

Pinterest Like Wordpress Theme – Pinfinity

Pinterest Like WordPress Theme - Pinfinity
Pinterest Like Wordpress Theme – Pinfinity
Use WordPress Theme to Create a Site Like:

  • Blog Theme
  • Blog Template
  • Pinterest Wall
  • Tumblr Website
  • Tumblog Website
  • PhotoBlog Website
  • Fashion Blog
  • Pinterest Clone

Click here to demo Pinfinity

Click here to download Pinfinity

Features of Pinterest-Like WordPress Theme – Pinfinity

  • Responsive Theme
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Heart icon on Pinterest like wordpress theme
    Heart icon on Pinterest like wordpress theme

    Supports multiple entry formats such as Music tracks, videos, images, photo galleries, quotes, links and normal posts.

  • Unique way to favourite a post by the heart icon ‘love it’
  • Unique way to leave comments on posts
  • In-built audio player to share audio tracks
  • Extensive admin panel to customize your theme colours and settings
  • Localization
  • Tons of Shortcodes
  • Online support forum

This is a great Pinterest-Like and Tumblr-Like WordPress Theme.  I haven’t seen many Wordpress Themes with all these features.  I love the combination of the infinite scrolling capabilities with the unique way to favourite a post with the ‘heart icon’.  I don’t know if I would be using the in-built audio player but it’s a great way to share songs that I’m listening to.  or if you are an artist, you can upload your music and share with your friends as well.  I totally love this WordPress Theme.  Check out the demo.

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Click here to demo Pinfinity

Click here to download Pinfinity



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