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How to Create a site like Twitter or Facebook

Popular sites on the internet these days are all around social networking.  Take a look at Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  All these community based social networking sites are really hot.  Getting in on the action is not a bad idea since the world is getting smaller and everyone is using the web.

If you want to create your own social networking site like facebook, like twitter or even like YouTube, you don’t have to spend a lot of money or create it from scratch.  Use Joomla!! Joomla is a content management system that already has all the functionality you need, all you need is the perfect template to help you make your facebook or twitter site look hip and swank.  Of course it is also important that this template be packed full of features necessary to make your social networking site function as one.    Here is the easy solution for you because I found the perfect template for you.

I found this social networking template myself and was really impressed with the functionality it provides.  TemplatePlazza has developed a new theme called Comuna4.  Comuna4 template design focuses on find, meet and making new friends.  You can post pictures and people can comment on the photos (just like facebook or like flickr),  create events with integrated google map location indicator (also just like facebook), have registered users and allow the users to join events and make comments (like facebook too), restrict access to certain parts of your site.  OH you can also add videos and make it look like YouTube!!  Users can comment on your videos, share with other people.   This Social networking site is also a lot like Yahoo groups, where you can create your own groups and the user community can contribute ideas.    You can have group moderators, request to join the group buttons, and even restrict access to groups.    Guess what, you can also get your site iphone enabled.  There is an option in the template to activate this option so your site will look differently when access from an iphone or from the web.  Isn’t that amazing?? and it’s all under this template.

That’s a whole boat load of features for this social networking Joomla template.    If you want to see the Comuna4 Joomla template in action, check it out here, or download it here.  It’s highly recommended!

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