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Daily Deals Clone – Create a Daily Deals Website Like Groupon.com with Wroupon

Daily Deals TemplateWroupon

Wroupon is the first turnkey solution that I’m recommending that doesn’t involve Wordpress or Joomla. It’s programmed in PHP with MySQL database backend.  This is a Groupon Template that looks and functions exactly like Groupon and is extremely easy to implement. Included in the package is a complex backend where you can manage and configure your Daily Deals. You can define multiple cities, specify deal expiration date/times, miminum/maximum purchase requirements, deal timer countdown and much more. See all the features here.

Groupon Template - Confirm City and Email
Groupon Template – Wroupon
Use this Turnkey Solution to create:

Click here to demo Wroupon

Features of this Living Social Clone

  • Authorize.Net, Moneris , Paypal, Visa Payment Gateway
  • QR BarCode added in Groupon Clone Coupon
  • Facebook Comment/Like added in Wroupon
  • Users can register their own account using email.
  • Admins can configure and manage deals
  • Partner account can monitor sales in realtime
  • Visitors subscribe to daily deals for their city via email
  • Registered users can refer friends and get rebate/referral bonus if friend purchases deal
  • Users can also check previous deals on website
  • Deal timer countdown
  • See cost, value, discount %, and money saved.
  • Slider of how many people purchased the deal
  • Change cities
  • See other deals in the city
  • Google maps integrated
  • Visitors can leave comments about the deal

Click here to demo Wroupon

Groupon Clone - Wroupon
Groupon Clone – Wroupon

The Daily Deals Clone Backend Control Features:

As an administrator of your Groupon website, you have access to the backend control panel. Here are some of the features available to you. You can control/view:

  1. The website through an interface, with a secure login
  2. Create multiple admin accounts with different rights / privileges.
  3. Define multiple cities.
  4. Create new coupons for each city or category
  5. Create deals and specify a start date time, ending date time, minimum and maximum purchase requirements, and the key terms and conditions (cost per coupon etc.)
  6. View all members, their contact details, and coupons purchased.
  7. Following fields for each coupon: ID, couponprice (that needs to be paid), original price/value of coupon, description, Pictures/collage, website, location of coupon (address)
  8. Ability to set a min/max number of units that can be sold of one coupon. If the limit is reached before the coupon runs out, the deal closes and no-one can buy it anymore.
  9. When a deal is over or sold out before, it is displayed on the mainpage, but users cannot buy it anymore
  10. Displays only specific information to the expired deal in the prior deal view but each should be clickable to a special prior deals directory displaying the normal page but not allowing the item/offer to be purchased.
  11. Ability to set a minimum number of coupons that need to be sold before the ‘Deal’ becomes available. If members purchase a ‘Deal’ that does not reach the minimum, they are automatically sent an email stating that the ‘Deal’ closed.

Groupon Clone Wroupon Backend
Groupon Clone Wroupon Backend – Edit Deal

Click here to demo Wroupon

Click here to download Wroupon

Click here for recommended Fatcow.com Webhosting.

I will put up a tutorial on how to install Wroupon on Fatcow by next week.



  1. Robert

    Elaine, I’m considering purchasing Wroupon the new V4. Are you still a big fan? I host everything on Bluehost and am a little leery of a product like this. I’m a WordPress theme guy normally. But I’m not impressed with the one clone available through WP. Is there anything else that I might need to know before purchasing it, it seems like you need to go with the premium version too.

  2. Shauna

    Hi Elaine,
    Would you be able to provide the steps on how to setup Wroupon in Fatcow.com? Wroupon provided instructions but the host they use looks different from fatcow and we are having a hard time following. Any help you can offer will be appreciated.

  3. Javier

    I got the v3 working great. Then a few days later came out the v4 and it doesn’t work wright. I have installed the thing in 3 different hosts including Hostgator and is broke. Right now a php programmer is working on it for almost a day fixing the darn script. The script is awesome but if you want to hit your head on the wall for a while and spend some cash to get it fix is up to you. The support of this company is non existent. I’ve been waiting a week now for a response and tried to contact them thru their live chat too and nothing. Live chat is a joke it’s just a contact form. Maybe I can sell you the fix after mine is done.

  4. Shauna

    Thanks Elaine for doing such an amazing job and helping us get our Groupon Clone site up and running! You were great and we could not have done it without you. We are so excited to start running some daily deals!

  5. Victor

    Hi Ealine my name is Victor, from Ecuador and I am running a délas
    site for my country, I have purchased a Woupon clone v4, but I am
    having some ptoblems with the following:
    1. Facebook connect is not working fine, it causes the site to refresh
    itself automatically forever.
    2. The feature to invite friends and get credit is not working fine neither.
    3. The paypal option to pay is reaaly connected to the site, cause
    once someone pays, the amount is not load in my site, I think I need
    some lines to fizx that.
    4. The very first page is very slow, the rest of them are ok, but for
    an unknown reason the first page is not.

    Please send me and email to know if you can fix those problems, and
    how much would you charge for that.

    I hope to receive an answer from you.

  6. Cory

    Hi Elaine,
    I’ve been looking for a decent template/host for my daily deal company but one issue I’ve ran into is that most will not allow me to input the mailing list I already have. Does this template allow me to manually upload my mailing list?

    1. Elaine

      Hi Cory,
      I would recommend to look at Templatic Daily Deals Template. You can use WordPress combined with any free 3rd party mailing lists such as CM, Mailchimp and Feedburner. Look here for my review on Daily Deals Template here.
      Thanks for your visit,

  7. Jackoon

    Hi Elaine,

    I have been searching online for groupon clone scripts and found your blog review on groupon clone template. Do you have review on the product from NDOT?


  8. Ash

    Hi Elaine,
    Thanks for all your valuable info you have posted. Has given me tons of knowledge so far.
    I need your help sorting through the rubble of Groupon Clones.
    I employed a website developer in Australia to design me a “Daily Deals” type website 9 months ago and he is still not completed. I am getting every excuse in the world & there are countless errors in his work Coupled with the fact that he is an extremely frustrating person to deal with due to his constant lack of communication in regards to the project development.
    It has taken 9 months to date for a project that was suppose to be a 8 week job & I should of given him the boot ages ago, but I guess I believe everyone deserves a second chance. I am tired of being Mr Nice Guy as I can see my opportunity slipping away with the popularity of Daily Deal Sites.

    Hence why I need your help in regards to pointing me in the right direction to a turnkey website which requires extremely minimal developer knowledge to start up, although I am quite advanced with my software knowledge through tones of research.
    I need a solution that won’t plague me with bugs and errors & one that has great support once they have taken your cash.
    Also prefer a solution that intergrates multiple type of payment systems, but my preference for now is PayPal.
    Needs to integrate with mailchimp as well.
    I don’t expect to sell over 100 deals a day for quite awhile so the website will never become too congested.
    If you can also recommend a reliable & cheap hosting company in Australia, I would appreciate it.

    I like the look of wroupon. Not quite fond of Deals Plazza or Templatic though.

    Any info would be a lifesaver….Thank you 🙂


  9. Javi

    Hi Elaine,
    In my deals dont see the images and the route is well ¿does anyone know what could it be?.
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Elaine

      Hi Javi,
      What groupon platform are you using? Wroupon? You can contact Wroupon support directly and they should be able to help you. If you need help to contact them, let me know.
      Thanks for your visit,

  10. vouchersin

    Hmmm. This is fhe first time I’ve seen a platform created solely for deal sites. Amazing what technology can do. Made it easier for the non-techy to create an online business (deals) from scratch.

  11. richard nguyen

    I am trying to create a new social media like groupon and I stumped on your site to discover you have a similiar template. After purchasing, can I change the layout that doesn’t have the weird triangle shape and replaced with my company logo there instead. Also I am hosting my site with -do I need to order the ecommerce to make this template worked. I understands it is running on php so I can get it install. I wasn’t sure how well it will run. Since I am using paypal.com, is it really necessary to have SSL certificate when using this template?

    Thanks for your advanced assistance in this matter.

    richard nguyen

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