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How to Build a Magazine Website

Do you want to build a Magazine website? If you do, you don’t have to contract out a web developer, you can do it yourself easily with Wordpress.  No, I’m not joking with you because if I can do it, anyone can.  I will help you create a Magazine site that will look professional, clean, elegant, with easy navigation, and also easy to update.  You will just need to bring your basic internet savvy skills to the table and we can get started.

Steps: How to Create a Magazine Website with Wordpress

1.  Purchase a domain name from godaddy.com

2.  Purchase a domain hosting account that supports WordPress.  You have many choices to choose from, I recommend fatcow.com or godaddy.com.

3.  If the domain hosting has fantasico, install WordPress.  Otherwise download the software from wordpress.org, upload to your webhosting account and install it on the root.

Once you have WordPress installed, the key to make transform your website to look like a magazine website is the template.   Right now if you view your site it will look like a blogging website.  Do not worry!  There are many different WordPress templates you can choose from to make your site look like a magazine site, you will have to choose which one you want to use.   First of all, you will need to know how to change your Wordpress Theme/template.

Steps:  How to Change Your Wordpress template

4.  Login to your WordPress backend.

5.  Click on Appearances, Themes, “Install Themes” tab, Upload.

6.  Click on “Browse” for your Magazine Template.  When you download the template it will be in .ZIP format, upload only the .ZIP file not the individual unzipped files.

We haven’t decided on a Magazine Template yet, but this is just to show you how you will change your Wordpress template to make your blogging website into a magazine site.  Now is the fun part, where you get to choose what kind of Magazine Template you want to use.   I will list my recommendations for magazine templates but this totally depends on what kind of magazine site you want to your site to look like.

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