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Create a New Restaurant with WordPress GeoPlaces

Yelp TemplateGeoPlaces by Templatic

Now you can test drive Templatic themes without actually purchasing it.   I think this genius.  So I’ve been playing around with all the themes and checking out the admin panels.   I was looking at how easy it is to create a new restaurant or event with GeoPlaces.  GeoPlaces Wordpress Theme will magically transform your website into a event & restaurant reviews with maps and tell you local happenings or eateries nearby.   Below I will show you how easy it is to create a new restaurant in GeoPlaces.  This is assuming you already downloaded the GeoPlaces Wordpress Theme.   Check out more details about GeoPlaces.

GeoPlaces Wordpress Theme by Templatic 

Yelp Template - GeoPlaces by Templatic
Yelp Template - GeoPlaces by Templatic
GeoPlaces Restaurant Listing 

GeoPlaces Restaurant Page
GeoPlaces Restaurant Page
Key Features of GeoPlaces: 

  • Google maps with Geotagging, Geo Targeting
  • Users able to add reviews, ratings and comments.
  • Detail listing page showing contact, address, description, images, other businesses in the area
  • Users able to add own listings (free/paid)
  • frontpage slider can display Google maps or images.
  • Display featured events or main attractions.

Click here to demo GeoPlaces

How to create a new restaurant or event with the GeoPlaces Wordpress Theme.

For Example: I want to add:

  • New Restaurant
  • Restaurant Name = Elaine’s Diner
  • Restaurant Address = 123 Elaine Street, Toronto, Ontario
  • Restaurant Hours = 8am – 1am
  • Restaurant Number = 333-333-3333
  • Restaurant Email = elaine@cmsmind.com
  • etc…

1.  Login to your WordPress Administrator panel.

2.  If a ‘Restaurant’ category doesn’t exist, Create one:

  • Click on Posts, Categories
  • Add new Category Name = Restaurant
  • New Category Parent = none
  • Click on ‘Add New Category’

3.  Create new Restaurant:

  • Click on Posts, Add New
  • Post Title = Elaine’s Diner
  • Post Description = Enjoy Elaine’s Vegetarian menu and delicious desserts
  • Category = Restaurant

4.  Now fill in the Restaurant Contact and Location Information:

  • Listing Address = 123 Elaine Street, Toronto, Ontario
  • Timing Information = 8 am to 1 am
  • Contact Information = (333) 333-3333
  • Email Address = elaine@cmsmind.com
  • Featured = 1 <—- will show up on the frontpage with a ‘Featured’ banner
  • Facebook, twitter, website,
  • etc…

5.  Click on ‘Publish’.

After you save your new restaurant, refresh your Yelp website.  You should see your new restaurant on the Frontpage with a ‘Featured’ banner and in the ‘Restaurant’ category.  GeoPlaces theme will automatically pick up any local establishments in the area and display them under ‘In the Neighborhood’.

This is a great theme to create your own restaurant reviews or a Yelp Clone or citysearch.com Clone. If you need help to create your website, contact me for a quote.




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