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Yelp Clone – How to Build a Site like Yelp

GeoPlaces by Templatic.com

Review sites are popular, see websites like Yelp.com, Cnet.com, Citysearch.com or TripAdvisor.com.  Those sites are flourishing because they always have original content and people always want to read reviews of restaurants, events, places of anything for everything.   I recommend using Premium Wordpress Theme GeoPlaces, click here for more details.  Use this Wordpress template to create your own:

GeoPlaces Wordpress Theme
Features Include:

  • Google maps with Geotagging
  • Users able to add reviews, ratings and comments.
  • Detail listing page showing contact, address, description, images, other businesses in the area
  • Users able to add own listings (free/paid)
  • frontpage slider can display Google maps or images.
  • Display featured events or main attractions.

Click here to demo this WordPress Template


Wordpress with Geo Places theme.

WordPress is made for blogging, but it is a very powerful blogging platform.  With WordPress you can create amazing websites with full functionality of exactly what you need.   WordPress control panel is very easy to use.  WordPress is free and I found a template that is perfect for a review site like Yelp called Geo Places by Templatic.comCheck out the details of the template here.   See above the screenshot of how Geo Places template will turn out on your website.  Amazing right?

The Geo Places Wordpress Theme will help you build a website like Yelp or Cnet with no coding required because with very little effort you have a fully functional review website that looks clean, simple, and easy to navigate.  WordPress is easy to learn and the template is straight out of the box.  You have all the plugins you need.  After you install and activate your template, you are ready to dive in and start adding products, events, restaurants, hotels, shopping and allowing your readers to add ratings and reviews.

There are many different options to create a review website like Yelp and these options can be used to build city review websites or a product or restaurant review website.  I recommend using  Wordpress template called GeoPlaces.   Click here for more details.

Download GeoPlaces Template by Templatic

If you need help to install this theme, you can contact me for a quote.




  1. Iskandar

    I am a Templatic customer who have access to the forum and I urge you to reconsider your choice.

    The forum is full of unsatisfied customers reporting bugs and the unresponsiveness of the helpdesk people to their problems. The technical users of this theme has actually posted fixes of their own because the Templatic team has not been able to respond to enormous number of complaints and bugs.

    If you check the blog, the comments are now closed so that the nasty words from the buyers won’t be visible to the world.

    I had bought other theme from this site and I can tell you one thing — there’s no support, even for fixing simple bugs.

    I like the kind of themes Templatic produce — but I hate the fact that they run away with your money afetr giving some crappy themes.

    1. Enzolina

      Hi Iskandar,
      Thanks for your comment regarding the Templatic themes, it seems there are lots of unhappy customers. So people, please purchase this theme at your own risk.
      Thanks again for your visit,

  2. david bruce

    im triing to start a site that is like craigslist with searchable cities and states

    state california city sacramento

    area to search in__________________

    search for ______________________

    the other thing I want to do is add a yelp area just like yulp

    add your buisness enter info just like yelp or insiderpages

    if they want to upgrade there info they can pay like yelp


    1. Elaine

      Hi David,
      You will have to contact Appthemes for specific details but I did some research and this is what I found. Brief overview is that you can install ClassiPress unlimited number of times. You will need to install it for every city you want to create a classified ads website for. In addition, WordPress 3.x can support installation and manage multiple blogs on one account. The instructions to set that up is at WordPress.org – here. For more help, you can contact Appthemes pre-sales support forum.
      As to your Yelp question, you might need to install a different business website / subdirectory for a yelp installation.
      Thanks for your visit,

  3. dag

    If you say to reconsider and not use the templatic themse, is there any other suggestions of other things to use.

    Also once the theme is in place, does anyone know how to quickly populate your website with businesses. I don’t want to do this manually 1 by 1 putting them in. Is there some kind of dump or way I can import a large list of businesses to my website.

    1. Elaine

      Hi Dag,
      What kind of theme were you looking for? If you are looking for something like Geo Places, I have not found any other theme like it. Included in the theme is a Bulk Upload feature where you can upload data via a CSV file. A sample csv file is also provided to help you format the business information you want to import into your website. You can also test out this feature in their “Test this theme before you buy ” option.
      Thanks for your visit,

  4. Media Chandler

    We are thinking about using Geo Places.. I plan on building a US directory with it.. It is the only theme I have found with features I want.. I am a bit concerned with some of the comments… Would you launch Geo Places with a new site? You seem to like it Elaine… looks like you must have had luck with it..?

    1. Elaine

      Hi John,
      I like all the features of GeoPlaces but you should try a demo of the GeoPlaces at the Templatic website. They have a sandbox area where you can install and access the admin section of the WordPress Theme. If you have any specific questions about the theme, I would advise to contact the Templatic support staff directly.
      Thanks for your visit!

    1. josean

      Hi Gino, what´s the difference between the two themes??
      GEOTHEME (85 $)
      GEOPLACES (99$):
      I see thas geotheme it´s a bit cheaper, but they let you to have more than one site!!!

      What´s the trick….???

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