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Remove the Comment Counter From WordPress Thesis Theme

Thesis Tutorial: Learning about hooks is key to customizing your Wordpress Thesis theme.  Hooks are basically a set of commands you use to add to, remove from, or modify functionality of your Thesis theme.    All these commands are usually entered into your custom_functions.php.  I was researching about hooks because I wanted to remove the comment counter {0 Comments} on the front page of my Thesis Theme.   You can see that the comment counter is gone now.  How did I do that? I can’t tell you.

I’m kidding.  There are two ways to make this modification:

1.  Add code into your custom_functions.php.    Go to your /custom-sample/custom_functions.php and add the following line:

function remove_comments_intro($content) {    $content = '';    return $content;  }  add_filter('thesis_comments_intro', 'remove_comments_intro');

2.  Thesis OpenHook editor.  Install the Thesis OpenHook editor plugin.  This plugin was made exclusively for Thesis Theme users to make customizations without going in too deep into the code.  It’s also much easier to see where and what code was entered.  Both ways are are just as easy to me.  I would prefer to manage my code with a plugin tho.  So I won’t have to go digging later for code that I want to remove.   Check off the box for “Remove Thesis comments link”.  You will see under the After Post Heading:


Remove Thesis comments link
This will remove the “{ Comments # }” link from the index and archive pages.

After you save and refresh your site, the comment counter should be gone.    You should also check out the Thesis theme features here.



  1. Anthony Ryan

    Cheers for this. I always forget the code every time I want to remove the comment count and have to go searching for it.

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