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Dreamhost Backup and Restore Non-Existent

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A few days ago I was having problems with one of my Wordpress websites that is hosted on Dreamhost.  I wanted to restore a backup from an hour ago.  If you look at the control panel to manage your domain, there is an option to ‘Restore’ . So I clicked that and it has several options to select what type of restore you want and to which directory.  I went through the whole process and in the end, the dreamhost robot came back to me and said:

Domain Restore Failed for domain name


Unfortunately we were unable to process your domain restore for
domain name … we seemed to be able to find a backup but for some reason
couldn’t restore it within four hours! If you want, you can reply to
this email and we’ll try and see if there’s anything we can still do.

We are very sorry about this! Howevvvvver… we actually make no
guarantees about availability of backups, and highly recommend you
always keep your own copies of all important data.  Please follow the
link below for instructions with this:

The Unhappy Dreamhost Domain Restore Robot!

By the time they got back to me, my friend Kevin had already helped me fix the problem.  I didn’t require the restore anyways.  But this email really made me wary that I need to consciously keep my own backups in case anything happens.

Backup your website frequently.  Whether it be a Joomla or Wordpress website.


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