Elaine’s Easy Contest

Do you want to make an easy $100?  I’m hosting another contest and this time is as easy as it was the first time.   The contest will run for 5 months until September 15, 2011 midnight.  I will give away two $100 prizes to the winners via Paypal.   I will randomly choose 2 winners from the list of people who signed up.

How to Enter into the Contest:

1.  Create a link on your website to my website.  You can either create a text link or write a post (please be nice) about my website and link to here from there.

2.  Fill out the form at the bottom to submit your website for review.

Rules of the Contest:

1.  The website cannot contain any sexual explicit material or any hate content.

2.  The website must be yours and not a 3rd party website forum.

3.  The link must be visible and not obscured on your website.

4.  I will manually review and approve all website submissions.

5.  You can link to any page on my website at

6.  You may enter up to 5 links per day per site, providing they are unique pages/posts.

7.  The link must remain there for the duration of the contest.  I will do random checks to see if the link is still there.

8.  If I randomly choose your website and my link is not visible, your entry will be nulled and another winner will be chosen.

Deadline of the Contest:

I must receive all entries by Sept 15, 2011 @ 11:59 pm.  I will randomly pick 2 winners and by Sept 20, 2011, I will notify the winners via email.  Please have a paypal account so I can transfer the money to you.

Fill out the form below to enter into the contest:

[contact-form 2 “Contest 1”]

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