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Wow – Professional and Elegant Photography Theme

Style & Fashion by Themeforest

Wow, this theme just blew me away.  I can definitely see this template being used for a professional wedding photography website, to build a portfolio website or your professional photograpahy site.  The whole template is sleek and exudes elegance.    From the demo of the template you can see that you can have multiple categories of pictures such as Style & Fashion photos, Advertising portfolio, wedding photography, Nature photo album or anything you want.    Click here to view a demo of the “Style & Fashion” Premium Wordpress Theme.


1.   Picture is fullscreen.  Each picture is fullscreen in the background.  If you look closely at the bottom of the screenshot you will see a row of thumbnails.

2.  Thumbnail navigation.  Easy scroll back and forth between pictures using the thumbnail strip at the bottom.

3.  Music enabled.  I do find music annoying on any website so I won’t be using this feature.  Please don’t use this feature either.  It will just bring down the quality of your site.  YOu can easily disable this feature in the theme control panel.

4.  Full Width Menu.  If you look closely at the left side of the screenshot above you will see the word ‘Menu”.  Once your mouse highlights over that word, a whole menu bar slides out to greet you.  It’s a  gorgeous full width menu with a nice overlay effect.  In the menu you can change to different photo categories, FAQ pages, blog posts, contact pages including google map locator and an About page.

5.   Extensive control panel.  You can control the color of your theme (light or dark), easy uploading/editing interface for music audio files, you can disable right click – to present an obstacle from people saving your images and much more, bulk uploads of pictures and much more.

6. Custom shortcodes for slideshows, tabs, faq sections, image previews, toltips, info messages, prettyPhoto, and floating boxes.  When you edit or create a new post, little icons with the short codes are on the toolbar to help you add them into your page or post more easily.  The GUI interface is used instead of remembering words to type in, you can just click a button.

I believe this is a truly unique Wordpress theme for photographers to showcase your photos with style and simplicity.  It’s a perfect way to build your wedding photography website or any portfolio website.    You should definitely demo this template if you are looking to build one for yourself.    Click here to demo the theme.

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