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Fatcow.com Increased their Advertising Credits

I can’t keep up with all the bonuses Fatcow.com is offering.  I just checked their webhosting and they increased the dollar advertising credits.  I was going to go through all my posts about costs and change it from $125 to $150 but this is faster.

Fatcow.com is offering $150 in advertising credits when you purchase webhosting from them.  You don’t pay for it, it is all completely free.  Here is the advertising credits allocation :

  • $75 in Google Adwords advertising credits
  • $25 in Yahoo/Bing advertising credits
  • $50 in Facebook Ads advertising credits

These advertising credits help you advertise your website in the respective search or social media domains.  For example in Google adwords you would go to adwords.google.com to setup an Adwords account.  Once you create ads, they will appear in the Google search pages.    The same with Yahoo/Bing advertising credits, you would access the MSN Ad Center to create ads and they will appear in Yahoo or Bing search results.  With Facebook, you log into Facebook and once you create ads with them you will see your ads along the right hand navigation pane.   All these platforms will help bring traffic to your website.

Fatcow.com is definitely my preferred and recommended choice for webhosting.  I’ve listed their pro’s before, but here is a highlight of the features that I value most:

  • Price is affordable
  • Fatcow.com currently has a 40% promotion going on making it only $56/year.
  • Free domain name
  • Unlimited emails, MYSQL databases, host unlimited domain names, unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited disk space
  • 24×7 support
  • Point and Click web building tools including Wordpress and Joomla
  • FTP Access

There are plenty of other features with the purchase of webhosting from Fatcow.com, check them out here.

OK, since I’m such a control freak I can’t stand that my posts are out of synch.  I’ll be going through all my posts regarding costs to show the new $150 advertising credits you get (instead of $125).

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