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GameSpot Clone – Create a Gaming Review Website with GameNow

Gaming Review TemplateGameNow WordPress Theme by WPNow

You want to create a gaming review website and don’t know where to start.  Let me help you! Use Wordpress (it’s amazing) and download this Gaming template – GameNow.  This Wordpress template is a premium Wordpress gaming theme that allows you to switch between dark and light color schemes. The theme uses high contrast colors, and design elements that fit properly with a traditional gaming site.   The GD Star rating plugin allows for user-integrated 5 star rating.  Click here to see more details about GameNow.

GameNow Game Review Template
GameNow Game Review Template
Use this Gaming Template to Build site like:

  • Game Review Template
  • movie review Template
  • Site like imdb.com
  • Gamespot Clone
  • IGN Clone
  • GameSpy Clone
  • Site like Gamesradar.com
  • Website like Gamefly
  • Gamefly Clone
  • Site like cnet.com
  • Site like RottenTomatoes.com

Click here to demo GameNow

Features of GameNow Game Review Template:

  • Supports 3.0’s Custom Menus
  • Intuitive Theme Options Panel
  • SEO-Friendly Title Tagging & Meta Tagging Built-In
  • Javascript Animated frontpage Slider
  • Two-Column Layout
  • 2 Color Schemes – Set One or Let Your Users Choose
  • Menu & Submenu ‘Show’/’Don’t Show’ Customization
  • Lots of ads banner space so you can monetize your website
  • Adsense Ready
  • Highlights posts or videos from 3 different categories
  • Top Articles List Based on Comment Count
  • “Similar Posts” Aggregated on Post Pages
  • 5-Star User Review System
  • Optional “No Sidebars” Template
  • “Sitemap” Template
  • Five-Level Threaded Comments
  • Stylish Blockquotes & Nested Blockquotes
  • Social Media Integrated

GameNow is a very unique Wordpress Theme.  After you install this template on your WordPress website it is a fully functional website.  There are no additional plugins you need to install.  All you need to do is add content.   Your website will look like any other gaming site like Gamespy, GameSpot, IGN.   I would recommend this Wordpress Theme if you want to create your own gaming review site.

Click here to demo GameNow

Click here to download GameNow

Click here to view recommended Webhosting providers.



  1. Greg

    Hi Elaine,

    Do you have or know where I can get other review templates. I am looking to test the waters with a review site in my industry & do not wish to spend too much. If the site performs well, then I can add to it.

    The above gaming review site looks awesome & I would like to do something along those lines to start with. How much did the above gaming review site cost, ball park figure?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I do not want to spend thousands on getting a site built…


    1. Elaine

      Hi Greg,
      Thanks for your comment on my site. There are different types of review sites you can create and the cost depends on the theme you purchase. I can create a post for you to list out a variety of review templates you can look into. The cost will also depend on the webhosting you decide to purchase, unless you have your own hosting service already. The cost will not go into the thousands, this theme – GameNow costs $49 which is a one time fee and no reoccuring fees. For the webhosting it is a yearly fee and depending on your webhosting provider will be around $80-$100/year. I can also write a post for you to explain the costs to create a game review site.
      Thanks for your visit,

    2. Elaine

      Hi Greg,

      Actually I already have a post to explain the costs involved to create a game review site with GameNow WordPress theme. It’s here.

      I will still create a post for you to list other review templates you can look into.


  2. Greg

    Hi Elaine,

    Thanks for the posts. Yeah that would be great if you could create a post listing other review templates.


    1. Elaine

      Hi Greg,
      Sorry for the extended delay in getting your post ready. I finally completed the post on WordPress Review Themes and a WordPress Review plugin that I found. These are all themes and a plugin that can help you create your rating and reviews website. The post is here.
      Thanks for your patience,

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