Part 1 – Deciding on Webhosting and Domain Name Services When Creating an Ecommerce Site

I talk a lot about creating websites using Wordpress and how easy it is.  Today, I’m actually creating another eCommerce site and just on the first steps.  Before I create my site, I need to purchase a domain name.  For those who are purchasing a web hosting for the first time, can consider using Fatcow, which bundles a domain name and web hosting together.  That way you don’t have to worry about changing name servers and adding a domain name to your selected web hosting.  In my case, I already have a web hosting with Dreamhost which allows unlimited hosted domains.  So I purchase my domain names from Godaddy first and add them to my web hosting later.  So getting started on creating an ecommerce site, you must first consider how you want to host your website.

Option 1: Only want 1 website

  • Purchase a webhosting that includes:
    • Free domain name
    • Host only 1 domain site
    • At least a few email addresses allowed
    • Unlimited space, Unlimited bandwidth
  • Examples of Hosting: Tigertech

Option 2: Plan to have many websites

I’m not an expert, but what I did was I initially purchased a webhosting from Dreamhost that included a free domain name.  I also wanted the unlimited domain hosting because I knew I would be creating many websites.  Then I purchased all my subsequent domain names from a domain name registrar.  If you purchase domain names directly from a webhosting company, it is very expensive.  I chose Godaddy to be my main domain name registrar because Godaddy always has coupon codes for purchasing new domain names and also for renewing domain names.  You can get between 20-50% off your domain name new or renewal purchase.  Just Google Godaddy coupon codes and you will find them.

Here are some Domain Name Registrars:

So on deciding which Web hosting and domain name services when creating my eCommerce Website, I purchased my Domain name from Godaddy at 35% off with coupon code and I will add it to my existing Webhosting services with Dreamhost.  If this is your first website, you can choose just do just one of the options above.

My next step is to configure my Webhosting with Dreamhost and add the name servers to Godaddy.  See Part 2 here.



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