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Happy Valentines Day Contest

Happy Valentines Day!! Here is my present to you.  I’m hosting a Google Adwords contest.  I tried posting my $100 Google Adwords credits online for sale on Craigslist but I guess everyone thought I was some phony.  But hey guys and girls I am the real thing.  So now my Google Adwords credits are not for sale because I’m giving it to you for free.

This is the Google Adwords Credits Contest.

To Qualify: Simply put a link to my website from yours, or write a post about my website on your website (please be nice) and you will qualify.

Deadline: The contest starts today and ends end of day on Feb 17, 2011.  It’s a short promotion because on Feb 18 the adwords dollar amount will drop to $75.

Rules of the Contest: Here are a couple rules of the game:

1.  You must own your own website.  Please don’t send me links to Yahoo or Google subpages where you put my link.

2.  You can only submit your website once.  If you have multiple links or posts to my website it still only counts as one.

3.  Your website must not contain any explicit or adult material.

4.  You must send me a link to where you put the link or post so I can review it and approve the site.

5.  No more entries will be accepted after Feb 17, 2011 @ 11:59 am EST.

The Draw: I will randomly draw one entry on Feb 18, 2011 @ 10:00 am EST and will contact the winner directly via email.   The Google Adwords voucher is a coupon code and you can enter that into your Google adwords account in the payments screen.  I can show you how if you don’t know where it is.

The Winner: I will post the Winner’s information or status of the contest on Feb 19, 2011.  I might decide to extend the contest past Feb 17, but it’s still undecided.  I would rather use $100 Google Adwords credit myself.

What are Google adwords  credits? Google basically gave me a $100 coupon to use to promote my website on the Google search engine or Google content network.  To read more about Google Adwords, read it directly from Google’s website – click here.

Fine Print: I need to receive a minimum of 100 unique entries.  If this minimum is not reached by the deadline this contest will be cancelled.  Websites that qualify for the contest are subject to my approval.  This is a Google Adwords credit directly from Google.  I don’t work for Google or know anyone working for Google.  I will not gain any money profit from giving away this Google adwords credit in any way.   This is a valid coupon code which has never been used before and if it doesn’t work I am not responsible for any monetary reimbursement.

If you agree with these terms, enter in the contest by filling in these details.  Thanks and Good Luck!

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